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  1. Really goes back to over a decade ago when so many of the present crew on here went through 2009-10, 2010-11 and saw how often the MetOffice couldn't even nowcast a weather warning as an event was happening, and then come out with it after the bulk of event. Kind of retrospective warnings LOL.
  2. And someones got to watch it. Who better than 101? 😁
  3. If that long stringy series of blobs out past Dunbar just now can make its way across the head of East Lothian then I think that's all on track for Edinburgh (currently).
  4. Ha, pathetic wasn't it! Was completely doubting what I thought I knew about what happens here in these situations. Ultimately it has indeed done the business. Phew. πŸ˜„
  5. Yeah I'm tracking them all with the marker pen on the laptop screen πŸ˜„ Had a wee fright 10 minutes ago when I tried to clean the marker pen off the touch screen and it wouldn't come off. Luckily these COVID alcohol wipes have more than one use.... Would have been hard to explain the markings on the screen to the wife if I hadn't got them off πŸ˜„
  6. I've been tracking the big blob by drawing a felt tip pen around it every 5 minutes (god help me). Its at the mouth of the estuary now. I still can't tell if its going to be a direct hit for Edinburgh or a hefty sideways skelp with the centre hitting nearer to South Queensferry-Boness
  7. Meanwhile in Leith, ma toys are back in ra pram, and I've unspat the dummy ! ❄️ πŸ˜„πŸ‘
  8. Remember you well Joe, welcome back. Hang around for a while πŸ‘ ☺️
  9. Dear Satan, if you're reading this I'm ready to do a deal. Just give me 5 cms of snaw in Leith in the next 24 hours, or even 4 ... or 3 ... and I'll do your evil bidding ! πŸ˜„
  10. Sorry we'll need to see further proof that this is happening in Pitenweem. Can you get a Police Officer or Church Minister to confirm ? πŸ˜„ Pleased for you, you were breaking the natural laws of meteorology for too long!
  11. I'd french kiss the cat for a streamer here right now! πŸ˜„
  12. Ditto. We look across the Forth to Fife. The last shower that passed by gave me the shape of a middle-digit in its cloud formation.
  13. Of course. It all makes meteorological sense. They break up over the heightened elevation of a Dunbar chip-shop but as soon as they get past Edinburgh they intensify so the good folk of Helensburgh will probably end up with more than us at this rate. But I'm not bitter. Much ! 😱 πŸ˜‡
  14. Like I say, not exactly a mountain snow shadow between us and Berwick Law ! Getting officially annoyed now πŸ™„
  15. The Forth is trolling us. The blob that was due east at Dunbar pretended on the radar it was heading a wee bit south but then kicked due west instead - and broke up for good measure directly east of here. And I'm not exactly impeded by a mountain range snow shadow between here and Haddington πŸ€ͺ
  16. If its needing any help with directions to here then let me suggest it moves west-south-west. 😁
  17. Hard to see how the one of the coast of Dunbar can miss us, wee test of this sinking south (TBD) convergence zone.
  18. Thanks Graeme. Not TOORPed for a while and christ I can't even get the acronym right after all this time. Bloody work from home Mondays πŸ˜„
  19. Forth Estuary is gagging for it but flurries apart, being spurned by blobs and streamers to the north in Fife, and to Berwickshire in the south. Something going on in the 3-D dynamics this time that I don't understand. I normally give family and friends 3 or 4 days notice of these events when I'm convinced they're going to happen (anything to make me look clever about the weather LOL), but didn't this time - probably based on the relatively non-standard winter we've had . Something not quite right in the setup for us and not convinced its going to resolve significantly. Anyway, just TORPing in
  20. Its the Edinburgh divergence zone. ☹️ Anyway. TORP!
  21. Same here. The key ingredients already look to be in place for us from Leith to Currie. "Convergence" is nice but I don't think we had to be under any convergence zone in previous easterlies to see some decent activity here. My open question is why aren't we just seeing more convective activity...more blobs...
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