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  1. Snaw has been hammering down here in Leith for about 30 minutes, first time the radar has shown a perfectly aligned showed band hitting us. First decent covering here for 3 or 4 years I would say.
  2. Aye my window faces due west. Earlier on it was all going north of us and hitting Fife, and then it all started going south of us. The Embra snow-shield taking the p1ss as usual !
  3. Quite enjoyed it in a funny way. Apart from a relatively few genuinely mild days and nights it's always felt like Winter here. That makes a change from so many winters where folk post about daffodils sprouting in January and it certainly doesn't look like that's on the cards either. But yeah, I would like it to throw up a memorable cold /snow event, I think the chance for that is still there for us over the next couple of months.
  4. Just had a very heavy hail shower here in Leith as well. Enough to give a wee coating of slush.
  5. Could have been worse I guess. Just debating whether I should take me and the boy up to The Braids for a bit of sledging. If they've put an inch or so on that crusty layer from a few days ago then it might be a goer. If I win Euromillions I'm going to fund a PhD for someone to work out why we're generally cursed in otherwise potentially very promising situations here.
  6. Nae luck. Hoped it might loop back on us from the north and west but seems to be barreling through, west to east. Snow still falling here but clearance looks imminent going by the radar. Proverbial dusting here in Leith (a few millimeteres) but higher parts of town may have got a centimetre or two.
  7. Yeah, that split worked its way up to Edinburgh as well. No rhyme or reason for it that I can understand other than random chance. (A random chance that happens time and time again mindyou !)
  8. We were under that clear slot in the radar for too long. Some improvement in the radar picture this last 30 minutes but little to show for it despite being "under it". For you and me we have to hope that the whole snow feature pivots and tilts so we get a second bite at the cherry but I think our chance may well have passed. EDIT: snawing decently now in Leith. Might get a covering yet !
  9. I actually think Edinburgh has a wee shout at something in this set up (dependant on verification obviously and probably a dozen other things). If the flow is relatively slack, wind backs NW or West, still under decent precipitation that doesn't clear through too quickly, plus reasonable uppers, dewpoints etc etc etc Certainly seen it happen even if it just ends up as half an inch of sloppy slush in town. Higher parts of the city probably favoured (Liberton, Inch, Fairmilehead, Braids etc). Therefore a good shout for 101_North as well. I would certainly expect you, Scottish Skier and Weather W
  10. Sure that's not dandruff There's off/on barely discernible lamp-post snow here in Leith. But the radar has some stringy blobs out there and maybe they'll beef up this next 24 hours...I'm semi-optimistic still. Noticed the gritters were out and about earlier, overkill but fair enough to take no chances.
  11. Certainly far from giving up hope on it yet, putting my parochial Edinburgh/Leith hat on for a second, we do need the circulation/wind direction to gradually back to the East, and then hit ENE. If it does that and the window stays open long enough then we should see something in the next 24-36 hours. Anything S of East though and we'll be gazing at lampposts in the dark for flakes falling at the rate of 1 per minute...
  12. Yup, I find it hard to imagine we'll see nothing from this Catch. If anything these situations are underplayed before they set in and then we wonder why we weren't confident enough just to outright forecast it based on previous experience ! Obviously the usual provisos apply about uppers, dew-points, wind direction, coastal/city effect, (sleety in Leith ? maybe or maybe not). Doesn't seem like it'll set-up long enough to make it memorable but I'd take any 24-36-48 hr event at this point
  13. Somehow this part of Leith managed to catch a talcum powder deep level of snow sometime earlier on (a random shower, if I said it was even 2 millimetres deep I'd be exaggerating). However it has turned the pavements and road surfaces into sheet ice in my local area. As usual not a drop of road grit was deposited despite the forecast.
  14. Just for the heck of it for next years 2017/18 winter forecast Catch, I'd like to see hee-haw early Eurasian/Siberian snow cover, sod all wacky jet stream/polar vortex, bugger all stratospheric warmings, an explosion of sun-spots, useless NAO/AO/PDO and the rest, sweet fanny adams mountain torque or Indian Ocean this that and the other. Given what favourable cold pre-cursors they've variously been cited as in so many winter forecasts I'll go the full contrarian for next year !
  15. Insane if this reading today from Wick is verified ! Surely spurious ?
  16. For fans of Joe Bastardi (the most entertaining met guy out there IMO) then check out his US "Saturday Summary" for today at: http://www.weatherbell.com/ Scroll up and down a bit and you'll find it. Although he's US focused you can read between the lines for the UK if you want to with his 62/63 analogue ;-)
  17. They're beautifully written. But with all the UK/local predictive ability of a roulette wheel.
  18. There's been many brilliantly written technical forecasts in the model thread this last winter or two. I enjoy reading them, and absolutely appreciate the depth of knowledge. Unfortunately almost all of them have been predictive failures. All these factors of october siberian snow, stratospheric warming, polar vortex, mountain torque and all the rest of the unprecedented this that and the other, have resulted in basically hee-haw favourable outcomes for the UK. My only hope for December was that the open-air Edinburgh ice rinks wouldn't end up as the slushy puddles they were last year, but its
  19. Is it a potential "stinger" of the kind we had at start of January last year Joe ? I live in a tenement top-floor flat but that one was the worst in lifetime memory, felt like I could genuinely feel the whole building shake, could hear glass shelves creak in the living room, trees down all over Hillside Gardens. Genuinely scary.
  20. Just checking in for the start of the winter (well more or less) ...good to see so many well kent faces on here holding the fort ! Think it was probably the goose migration story that stirred my thoughts for the coming months...whens all the kilted thread's long rangers coming out ?
  21. Happy new year everyone ! All the best to you and yours in this rather special year of 2014 Haven't been on here much this last couple of months, busy with this and that and the other...lets hope we can manage at least one decent cold spell this winter... Seasonal day here in Leith, heading out later to walk off the effects of last nights half-bottle of JD ! (aye, I'm a lightweight)
  22. I do love the kilted thread, always have. And as always I'm ready to smile (again) through gritted-teeth (again) when SS and Catch report 200cms of level snow in their back-garden (again)
  23. Aye-aye everyone... familiar faces everywhere...good to see y'all Just strapping myself in for the next few months of "when will it", "why won't it", "why hasn't it" ! Looks like the speculation game is already well under way for the coming weeks, brilliant
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