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  1. Big thaw of any remaining back-garden snaw through the day here and that's it gone. It's been a really interesting 7 weeks or so since the first snaw fell after Xmas, but I'm done with it now. I don't want any more days of murk and rain just a few degrees above freezing, and the easterly was a great sign-off. Did cause us some ceiling damage at the end though, had to get the roofers in to fix things this morning. Crack had appeared where the flat roof meets the slates over the bay window, and the melt took a slate off as well, so that all was £200 quid to fix and it'll be a redecorating job in
  2. Lovely fine snaw here in Leith just now too. It's been a great few days. We're just back from the Braid Hills snow-bowl after 2 hours of sledging. My backside is battered, bruised and bewildered - on the painkillers now (worth it though) and I think a big malt is required as well. Possibly a wee nap 😄
  3. Well it's taken about an hour to get here from Dunbar on the radar 😄... slow moving but might hang about a bit and pack a wee punch.
  4. I'm in one of my occasional "at work to take abuse from members of the public" days. Spotted this on the walk to work in Pilrig Park earlier. I don't think I need to say anything more.
  5. Wasn't even looking at the radar ! (Ha I'm so relaxed now I have decent snaw). Looks like this one and the one behind it are moving east to west (again).
  6. Always keep an eye open for photos of your bench(mark), one of the visual highlights of the back to back cauld winters a decade ago.
  7. Noticed that. It would certainly kill the uppers and further snow chances for a while, but the surface cold in a Southerly/SSE-erly/SE-erly up the spine of the UK (if that's how the flow turns out) would keep a lot of the snow on the ground for quite a while - could feel even more bitter actually. Would generally work locally even here, as we get to pretend that we're "inland" (LOL) relative to Berwick-upon-Tweed, and as long as we can maintain night ground frosts at least.
  8. Looks like a few Anstruther clippers might squeeze their way over here, wouldn't bet on intensity, suspect these are going to fade in potency.
  9. Dear god, hope you're OK. Only a kilted forum stalwart would possibly break an arm and still manage to give a local report! Let us all know how you get on.
  10. Think we safely have the snaw secure on the ground until Saturday minimum, probably Sunday too. Think too that the metoffice have been over-exaggerating any Sunday warm-up, its going to feel baltic in that southerly/SSE/SE-easterly by the weekend, surface cold will see to that.
  11. We can't compete with the big boys but 12cms here on the level in the back garden. Not quite 2018 repeat but certainly 3rd best of the last decade. It must have been going some a few hours ago, will need to replay the radar. Three big flights of geese moving south overhead when I was out, Dundee/Perth/Tayside refugees I presume ! Edit: the wind has picked up again here and enjoying watching that spindrift thing of tenement roofs, which means this is proper snaw, the good stuff.
  12. Bonus snow here in Leith on what is (probably) the last day of convection. The flow came good for us down the estuary and easily doubled up on what we had on the ground before I went to bed.
  13. Incoming blobs for East Neuk and Forth Estuary? Maybe both!
  14. Well these blobs to the north-east are not without interest and certainly moving in the right general direction. Might be the last hurrah for here but no chance I'm waiting up to 3AM to find out! Que sera sera 😄
  15. Ha, just been hit by this science fiction vertical blob from here to Kirkcaldy that was all graupel. It was only the noise on the window that made me even look out. Pesky mini blobs like this are popping up, I'd be as happy to get a good frost in now to be honest.
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