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  1. I’m waiting for updates as I CBA to venture to the MAD thread.
  2. Hello All! had a fantastic though short lived storm here in Wells earlier, torrential rain and hail and one clap of thunder. I thought it was going to be dry today too! Rumour has it the MAD thread is springing into life, dare I take a look?!
  3. Ok people. When did it actually last rain in Somerset? Does anyone know? Feels like a lifetime ago. I’m not complaining!
  4. Ooh get me posting in spring/summer! Not looking likely at present for sferics?
  5. Thanks Leon - I didn’t even think to click!
  6. Ok.. so which areas are supposed to be affected by the storms?
  7. Another day of greyness beckons.. typical as it’s my day off
  8. It does scare me but I like being out of my comfort zone . The place is fantastic, so much atmosphere, I love showing the guests what we do and see how people react to the equipment. Had lots of spooky things happen even in my short time doing it. It’s great to hear the feedback from the guests, not heard anything negative so far. The white lady is one of the many spirits there, we get lots of “watchers” people looking over the railings, a lot of sounds.. I had a light flicker on and off repeatedly a few weeks back - no one could have physically turned it on - the electric was all turned off!
  9. Ah yes I remember, glad you had fun. I absolutely love it, I’m back there next weekend hopefully. A wing scares the daylights out of me! Especially walking between the two groups .
  10. I thought it was you! Glad you enjoyed it - were you in group A too? I absolutely love it! It was quite quiet last night sadly but at least we had some activity. Did your children enjoy it?
  11. Really?! I was one of the hosts! Kate....! How funny! Did I speak to you at the beginning of the event?