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  1. Hi everyone, what a stunning few sunrises we have had this week, loving this cold weather. I’ve been commuting earlier In the morning due to a new job and although this Has been hard getting up earlier and longer work days, seeing the sun rise has made it worth it. Anyone in the Winscombe area.. hi! I work there now! Excited to see what this winter will bring
  2. Morning all, first post of “the season” waiting for the rain to clear through before north petherton carnival tonight. Indoor jobs today!
  3. Have you just been on Points West regarding ghost hunting at Shepton prison?

    1. khodds


      Hi Andy, first time I’ve logged in all season! No it wasn’t me? I’ve not been working there as much due to my life completely changing this last year.

      How are you?

    2. Andy Bown

      Andy Bown

      Yes ok ta. Sorry about that. They had 3 ladies talking about it and I remembered you posting about working there so thought there was a chance of being you. In another life (pun kind of intended) I would love to do ghost hunting.

    3. khodds


      It’s definitely worth it. Look up Haunted Happenings. That’s who I work for. It’s a laugh if nothing else happens.

  4. Nearly... I’ll report back in an hour or so.. OH driving here from Bridgwater to get me so we will see
  5. Yep! Planning to.. packed and waiting for my lift... I dug my car out just in case!!
  6. Someone did say on the FB community page that the cheddar Road was dodgy but it was a couple of hours ago. Traffic is moving on the A371 to Shepton outside my house
  7. The main roads are passable but don’t attempt mendip (can’t see your location) 5 inches here in wells
  8. Have you left yet? I wouldn’t even attempt it.. chewton blocked due to Jack knifed lorry, single lane traffic down to Wells on the Bristol hill and people stuck/turning round.. not sure what the Shepton Road is like but probably the same
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