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  1. I darent go to the midlands thread or the MAD thread as I will end up throwing my phone across the room. Can’t wait until summer now. I can hear the cocktails and sunbed calling me....
  2. It’ll take you a week to get there! 🤣. We drove to the Pyrenees last summer, 2,500 miles there and back. I still need a holiday to get over it!!
  3. Nope! Was definitely hail/snow mix. I did not hallucinate 😂
  4. first time I’ve seen the ground white here in 4 years!! I know this because we moved 4 years ago
  5. Haha!! You couldn’t make it up!! 0c and RAINING!! De-Icing the carbin the RAIN!!! actually hail now. My god this sums the winter up!!
  6. Was looking nice here but now a great big grey cloud has shown up, a bit like my mood TFI FRIDAY!
  7. No posts from me today. I’ve given up on seeing snow ever again
  8. Yes it’s diving here too now. Dropped a degree in 30 mins
  9. Just got back from prison tour! Trying to de-ice my feet. Seen lightning snow and hail on the way home. More please!
  10. Just had very squally Shower here, think it was sleet as could see it sheeting being blown in the wind across the fields. I live in hope.
  11. 😜 nope! Wished I was though. Very freaky place! Highly recommend it.
  12. I’m off to do a guided tour of Shepton Mallet prison in a bit. It’s blooming freezing in there (I stayed there overnight in October) it needs to not snow until after 5pm so I can get home and focus on my lamppost 🧐
  13. What my name? It’s not very original.. my first initial and the start of my old surname 😂 I’m so sorry.. I just couldn’t resist.
  14. Hi Daniel - just figured out who you are on twitter when I was going thru my timeline earlier! I wasn’t snooping.. honest.. it just popped up.. then you posted on here!