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  1. Blowing a hoolie and snowing high up in Brighton. It seems to have changed between rain sleet and snow on and off over the past hour. My boyfriend is driving to oxford in an hour or so. Not sure if he’ll make it. Wrap up warm kids!
  2. So what's happening Thurs/Fri then Netweather has me down for snow. Seem to recall something happening as i'm dibbing in and dibbing out - does anyone know?
  3. Huge clumps of wet snow near the racecourse here in Brighton and rain near the level. Typical marginal conditions
  4. Any chance of that going further south?
  5. I’ve just seen this on my Facebook newsfeed - made me chuckle!
  6. Loving the snow pictures! Very wet and windy here in Brighton. For me, that’s the next best thing especially the wind. Great to see that some of the the SE got in on the action
  7. It is, yes. Cold but not icy
  8. Obvs not a snow crazed, chart obsessed, on the edge of your seat, emotional rollercoaster lover
  9. I feel more hopeful than ever regarding snow down here on the south coast monday. Netweather are saying midday til 6pm. I find the uncertainty really exciting! Loving Nicks posts Ed - not sure how i've quoted you!!! From the other day this was I think o_O
  10. That's the closest i've seen it to Brighton
  11. Massive correction South for Sunday! Lovely to see but that was a huge shift - at this point it will be in southern France by Sunday
  12. oh my! aimed directly at Brighton Edit : 'came' late to the party I see but will stick around before shooting off
  13. I think for us it is a nowcast situation which is exciting in itself. Ok, not as exciting as most of the Country but.. just looked in Model thread and Monday looks better for us
  14. All subject to change though? Or do I have to do that snow dance again?
  15. It's really encouraging for the foreseeable! Not just next week but the week after too on the long range forecast https://www.metoffice.gov.uk/public/weather/long-range-forecast