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  1. The QE2? The bridge part? I am guessing the crossing is still open for traffic but rammed due to it being both ways.
  2. I know.. was hoping to get there by 6.30pm leaving at 4pm... just not sure now :/ Oh well.. I don't mind missing the support band
  3. I am travelling to East London from Brighton at 4pm. Driving a transit. Eeeek!
  4. Hi all. I am travelling by van from Brighton to East London at 4pm. I see London is just in the Amber zone but are things meant to have calmed down by then? Thanks
  5. Met Office currently live on Facebook about Doris
  6. Is Doris's track likely to stay as it is right now or are there possibilities that she might change track?
  7. It's come over quite dark and its snowing very lightly here in Brighton (I had to wait and stare just incase I was making it up, it's that light). We are on the tail end of all this, so not expecting much however it's nice to see something again. To add: The wind is really picking up too. And I am quite possibly at the highest point.
  8. My lights have flickered three times here in Brighton and my brother has just said the same is happening in Tunbridge Wells
  9. It is moving very quickly. This is the bit where you follow the radar and look for little bits of orange that could possibly be coming our way to follow! Clutching at straws though
  10. Incredibly windy over here in Brighton
  11. and the wind is whipping, and I am dancing! Going to pour a spicy bloody mary and enjoy
  12. Crazy blizzard type conditions out there!!!!! The wind is fierce. I was driving home about 30 mins ago in the pouring hard rain, thinking there is no way this is going to snow.. et voila!!! Snow, wind, whiteout!!
  13. Perhaps lower, but higher Surrenden/Ditchling Rd, near the South Downs tend to normally do very well in these situations. As does where I am - the very top of Elm Grove