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  1. odd.. was just about to post that its definitely intensifying here! I'm in North Brighton now, up near Five Ways. Definitely snowing moderately. Loving it!
  2. lightly snowing in Brighton
  3. we've had a lovely snowy morning here in Brighton, only just stopped. Didn't lay but maybe later
  4. We are currently under the snow on Netweather radar and its very lighly snowing here in Brighton I have to drive to Tun Wells in an hour and hope to get back to Brighton ok for about 5pm tomorrow. Eeek!
  5. Do you think we could be in with a chance?
  6. The PPN coming over Brest appears to show the met office (professionals) have it spot on. Brighton is so close to the heavy stuff. I'm definitely not ruling out getting more snow later. Conditions out there and the uncertainty warrants a yellow warning in my opinion.
  7. They've closed my sons school here in Brighton but looking at the radar that may have been unnecessary
  8. Oh really! Couldn't see anything on the radar. I thought Brighton is probably ruled out for snow today - could I be wrong?!
  9. Hi all. Hope y'all having fun in the snow!! I have a question. I am quite confused about events for our region Thurs/Fri/Sat. I live in Brighton but I have my Grandmas funeral to go to in Tunbridge Wells on Friday morning so will be driving from Brighton to T/Wells. I can't make head nor tail of what's going on! Whats the current status for Thurs/Fri especially for our region, does anybody know? I'm wondering if it will be best to head there Thurs or Fri and whether I will be able to get back or not Friday night. Is it still all up in the air?! Thanks
  10. Stopped now Looking at the radar, that might be it for now. Unless we are lucky enough to be in the firing line for the dutch snow.
  11. Schools that did open here in Brighton are beginning to close now as still coming down quite heavily. I'm the snow lover in my family and i'm the only one stuck in an office! Go figure! Roll on home time so I can play
  12. Big fat flakes here in Brighton, really heavy. This is how it should be
  13. You're laughable. I'm tired of people belittling others just because they post their views on the what the models are showing at that time. At the end of the day people only comment on what they see. I'm sure nobody actually wants you to feel sorry for them - it's only the weather, mother nature will do what she will do and any adult should know that. I fed the troll but the level of idiocy is sometimes overwhelming.
  14. Morning all. Woke up to an inch or so in Brighton this morning.. yep. Many schools are closed, my son's is not one of them, I made him go and only 9 people turned up in his class so I won't be winning any mum of the year rewards in his eyes. Still snowing! Albeit very light. Looking on the radar, we are still in todays streamer. How is it looking for today, is it just a case of seeing what pops up? Is it due to die down?