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  1. It's good to see reports its coming closer, even if transient! Always hopeful ?
  2. Lorenzo brought me here!  That and WINTER IS COMING!

    1. lassie23


      When you say winter is coming, have you heard something, or is it because it's October tomorrow lol

    2. Alpine glow

      Alpine glow

      Because it's October ha!  Getting there.. i've only been waiting since March ?

    3. lassie23


      apparently all models are pointing to a mild one so prepare for blizzards

  3. It’s really fascinating stuff but Brighton looks like it will be missed this time around. Although it could be building up on the radar, looks more like rain though
  4. Yep but just noticed snow symbols on a weather app. Which is why I’m here to investigate what’s going on?! still no wiser so I’ll cone out with it... is it going to snow today in Brighton??!
  5. I was happy with the amount in Brighton. For a moment there it was full on and very nostalgic. Orange skies and heavy snow against the lamppost.
  6. It’s stopped snowing in Brighton but that was fun whilst it lasted! Much heavier than I thought. It’s like a winter wonderland out there!
  7. This is the best I could get hanging out of my window here in North Brighton ? D1984C11-1F75-4FEF-9058-809DA7B989F7.MOV
  8. Ha! Sorry, far too cosy lamppost watching in front of the fire. Its looking increasing more positive for us Brightonians this time around though ?
  9. Yes, I’ve seen your posts in the Model threads. I love the uncertainty. The build up to what? ... nobody really knows yet for sure!
  10. Actually on second look it wasn’t the Met O, they forecast an hour of sleet in the early hours. It was my apple weather app! Feel a bit better about it now.
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