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  1. Looks like what Chorley had we've now got. Nice covering
  2. You can add Bolton to that list.. a few light snow flurries about 5 pm. Damp Squid 1/10
  3. Anybody getting the feeling this is going to be one big damp squib?. the MOD thread has been re-named , the south east of England thread.. If the ECM shows a full on Easterly, then the MOD thread will be re-named again to Thames streamer thread .
  4. The GFS 18z must be backtracking.. IDO has not posted a day 20 chart yelling game over & Summer Sun has logged out.
  5. Northwestsnow, where is county end part of Oldham ? You up lees area ?
  6. I know it the metO app but looking good for my part of Bolton
  7. Really ? come on now the 168hr chart does not show that..even at 192 hrs it's cold and frosty. To many wrist slashing over the top post..
  8. No comment on the 12z UKMO ? You was quick on the button to comment on the GFS 12z
  9. In your honest opinion do you really think the GFS & ECM are both wrong at the 96-120 hour period ?
  10. Seriously why ?? Very OTT post. You seriously think the latter stages of deep Fi will verify????
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