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  1. Yup the dreaded m4..always a pain in the back side
  2. Last week we were to.far north and this sundag looks like we will be to far south lol
  3. Midlands is a bad place for snow i remember winter of 2010 everywhere got plastered but coventry remained bone dry..
  4. Why are people living in false hope no one in tbe midlands will see snow maybe the far south thats about it
  5. No snow forecast at all for coventry now What a massive disappointment
  6. So after all the downgrades and the potential non event today when is the next chance for the Midlands to see snow?? Monday??
  7. So the forecast goes from 12hrs of continuous snow tonight into friday to 2hrs of light snow around midnight here in coventry Lol What a massive let down this winter has been. Looks like the snow wont even reach the south midlands
  8. Well the bbc will have egg on there faces if the low is tracking further south
  9. Just forget tomorrow snow people snow is over rated anyways bring on the mild south westerlies and continuous rain!!!
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