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  1. Here's a piece about summer skiing (or the lack of) in the North-Eastern Alps (with my translation). Article dated 22nd August 2017 Original link: http://www.repubblica.it/cronaca/2017/08/22/news/c_era_una_volta_lo_sci_d_estate_la_resa_dell_ultimo_ghiacciaio-173564734/?ref=RHPPBT-VA-I0-C4-P9-S1.4-T1 Translation (think he meant the ultimate, rather than last glacier): Once upon a time at the Stelvio Pass, there used to be summer skiing: the surrender of the ultimate glacier. For the first time in 50 years, the lifts are closing due to high temperatures. Not even the use of t
  2. Here's my very quick translation (I'm an Italian/English translator amongst other things) of an article about the Calderone Glacier on Gran Sasso - not too far from Rome - about half way down Italy. Link to original (with photos): http://www.meteo.it/giornale/il-ghiacciaio-del-calderone-non-e-scomparso-12944.shtml My translation: The Calderone Glacier hasn’t disappeared – under the detritus, a layer of buried ice between 15 and 25 metres thick, can still be found. The Calderone Glacier, on the Gran Sasso Massif, is the southernmost in Europe, and in the last few days, some alar
  3. Karyo - I lived and worked in Turin for 3 years, and inland from Ancona for 2, so I sympathise - sounds like where you were was worse, although I must say I thought I was going to die during my first summer in Turin!
  4. Must be a piece of cake being a weather forecaster in Southern Italy, albeit a bit boring and uncomfortably hot: 'Intense heat for at least 10-12 days'.
  5. Rain just started and increasingly frequent thunder in Winchester. Heading NE?
  6. Sure does. I hate thunderstorms. Glad I don't live in the line of fire... Oh, wait a minute.
  7. Fancy a little trip to the Cairngorms on Midsummer's Day?
  8. Frosty bits and pieces around Winchester. The Mystic Meg thread looks very sad now - like a hospital ward being closed down while the last few patients sit by their beds, waiting to go home, and a few nurses come in every now and then to collect archive boxes.
  9. I suspect that I'll see cars covered in snow coming from high-up villages like Four Marks, while Winchester has the odd flake. Still - there's always the entertainment on the MAD thread.
  10. I've seen a lot of snow in Winchester this evening. Granted, I was watching a DVD of Die Hard 2.
  11. Brief but heavy shower in Winchester between about 12.05 and 12.20. Temperature went down from 8.4 to 6.2 in those 15 minutes. Just shows what heavier precipitation can do to improve chances of snow.
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