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  1. Few captures of the storm that came over north Dorset about an hour ago
  2. Yes mate, Baiter car park looking out towards the ferry as the storm was sat out in the channel and moving towards Bournemouth, was a tad scary at times lol
  3. My view of last nights 3 hour thunderstorm over Bournemouth. Enjoy......
  4. Just doggies and spider crabs so far so he's pleased to have some other form of excitement for the moment.
  5. Not sure how well he's doing but he's certainly getting excited about the light show lol
  6. Brother is fishing on chesil beach and has confirmed lightning on the horizon.
  7. Yep, sleet starting to turn to snow here in Blandford as I'm watching..........
  8. The possible easterly is all good, just a few wrist slashers who couldn't wait for the runs to complete before commenting.
  9. Several very close strikes now here in Blandford from the new cell that's popped up.
  10. Yeah I'm right under that, was reading the forum and could then hear the rain, went back to the radar and there it was......another nice flash and rumble.
  11. Working today, hauling from dorset to Wigan, started overcast and drab but from Avonmouth north it's been sunshine and blue skies.
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