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  1. Good to see the snow settling for fellow NW’erners - unluckily Preston just seems a little too far North for this one though! Aghh
  2. Sunday’s PPN seems to be a little further South on the 18z. Experience with these set ups historically means it’ll stall and won’t reach Lancashire !
  3. Same - nice gap heading perfectly over Preston.. *sigh*
  4. snowing in Preston as well..! albeit very light and not sticking at the moment
  5. Not that cold in Preston at the mo. Car was showing 0.5 degrees. Some cars have got a very light frost on them - but nothing substantial!
  6. All the shower activity is just dodging preston at the moment!! Typical
  7. Not looking great for Preston tomorrow - but those in land are going to be in the firing line tomorrow! Enjoy whoever's in luck!
  8. Potentially something for all of us tomorrow afternoon?
  9. Had a heavy hail shower pass through, and just had some thunder too!
  10. Not looking great for Preston again - marginal as aways - sigh 😨😰😨
  11. Yep, maybe something for Saturday but that looks marginal tbh, and the Tuesday event looks to be a non event looking at 12z!
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