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  1. Good to see the snow settling for fellow NW’erners - unluckily Preston just seems a little too far North for this one though! Aghh
  2. Snowing in Preston moderately, got a nice little covering as well
  3. Sunday’s PPN seems to be a little further South on the 18z. Experience with these set ups historically means it’ll stall and won’t reach Lancashire !
  4. Seriously - snowing all around us! Aghhhh
  5. Meh - sleeting in Preston..
  6. Same - nice gap heading perfectly over Preston.. *sigh*
  7. Raining in Preston currently - as expected really....
  8. Raining here mate - thaw in progress
  9. looks like thats it for Preston now. last blob of PPN just edged it's way past us.
  10. done well in Preston today, but just missing out on the heavy stuff that Leyland/Chorley are getting right now.!
  11. And it's snowing in Preston too! Starting to stick a little as well!
  12. Usual rain in Preston - so far....
  13. sal007

    North West England - Weather Chat

    Yep - really heavy hail shower, All the car alarms on the street started to go off!
  14. sal007

    North West England - Weather chat

    snowing in Preston as well..! albeit very light and not sticking at the moment
  15. sal007

    North West England - Weather chat

    Not that cold in Preston at the mo. Car was showing 0.5 degrees. Some cars have got a very light frost on them - but nothing substantial!