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  1. sparky1972

    Winter 2018/19

    Good evening everyone, well i have to say i am looking forward to a cold and hopefully at times snowy winter, but i just have this nagging doubt that we will get any snow here, imby of course, the charts always look good 10 days out but never seem to get any closer, i have read in the hunt for cold thread that the signs are looking hopeful so for all us cold lovers out there fingers crossed.
  2. least i can turn my heating off again and save a few pennies.
  3. im so hoping the weather for the south coast this weekend is not going to be as bad as i fear, we are at goodwood for the motor racing, so far the bbc forecast, met office and the weatheroutlook all say something different
  4. i will be happy with that, off to burghley horse trails on saturday, and Goodwood revival motor racing from the 6th till the 10th sept
  5. sparky1972

    September 2018 Weather

    for me i am just hoping that from the 6th to the 10th of Sept are dry, we are at the Goodwood Revival motor racing weekend and last year the rain was monsoon like for the whole weekend, after that weekend winter can arrive, lol.
  6. View looking sth, distant rumbles of thunder.
  7. Oh it would be so good to have a second storm like we have had so far today, dont think it will happen but you never know.
  8. We took a right pasting mate, was fantastic, 13mm of rain, plenty of lightning and booming thunder, my son is so happy.
  9. Would be good, but im not going to be greedy, we have just had one hell of a storm, that was intense, thank you mother nature.
  10. Getting darker to my south, heading upto you
  11. Really starting to get going now.
  12. View from the back of my house, booming thunder, rain came and went
  13. Torrential rain, booming thunder here