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  1. Well i have to say as winter has been a let down for a prolonged period of cold weather, i for one hope that winter goes out on a very mild and sunny end, today has been stunning, long may it continue.
  2. well i have to admit that this little, i mean very little snow has cost me a tenner, which is the bet i had with the wife on this being a snowless winter, would sooner have had a fair bit more to make the bet worth losing, Haha, but with tonight being forecast to be the last frosty night, i can now look forward to much milder weather and hopefully an early spring to get through the last 7 weeks of Half Marathon training.
  3. sparky1972

    Winter 2017/18 Lincolnshire, Cambridgeshire & Norfolk

    all very quiet in here, im guessing we are realising that today and this evening holds no interest, and thursday has not alot more, lol
  4. sparky1972

    Winter 2017/18 Lincolnshire, Cambridgeshire & Norfolk

    first spots of rain here, temps well above forecast, timing was always going to be important, we are just a few hours on the wrong side
  5. first spots of rain here and temps well above forecast, was always looking touch and go for snow but the timing is a few hours on the wrong side.
  6. sparky1972

    Winter 2017/18 Lincolnshire, Cambridgeshire & Norfolk

    morning all, well i was hoping for upgrades this morning in the way of snow potential, but alas, instead of sleet/snow, its now rain/rain with maybe a bit of sleet, can we have spring arrive now and warmer sunnier weather, this truely has been a winter to forget.
  7. sparky1972

    Winter 2017/18 Lincolnshire, Cambridgeshire & Norfolk

    i would love you to be right, but i think the front will arrive early and will start as rain, if it does turn to snow chances are it wont settle.
  8. sparky1972

    Winter 2017/18 Lincolnshire, Cambridgeshire & Norfolk

    looking like rain and sleet, certainly nothing to get excited about im afraid.
  9. hoping for upgrades in the way of snow for my back yard, nothing but cold rain and maybe a bit of sleet, for the next cpl of days despite being in the met office warning zone, but i am guessing everything will be west of here, and also winds from the west or south so not favourable.
  10. afternoon all, well here we can look forward to rain and maybe a bit of sleet at times, thats what you get for being at sea level i guess, on the plus side it certainly looks like a few lucky peeps are going to get something wintry, all down to timing and a bit of luck though
  11. the snow depth charts look like most will get a covering, but do they take into account that some places are going to see rain/sleet before poss turning to snow so alot of it wont settle?
  12. it was a joke, i know temps are forecast to be a bit milder tomorrow and saturday, then its looking like the real cold will arrive soon after, well hopefully. lol bbc forecast for MBY for tommow is 11c and saturday 10c though
  13. yep, just not going to fall right for us this year. although conditions this morning are lethal outside, light rain onto frozen pavements equals a very dangerous walk on the school run. ,lol
  14. well, there we have it, its raining, sums winter up, going forward the bbc forecast is rain tomorrow and saturday, sleet sunday/tuesday more rain next friday, the deep snowy cold weather seems another winter away,