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  1. Just ordered in some more logs for our log burner, guess they wont be needed for a while, lol.
  2. Stunning looking skies now the storm has passed, would post vid but cant seem to for some reason.
  3. All clear here today, temps around 24c, not forecast any storms but you never know.
  4. Seems to have eased off a bit now, not sure if we are due anymore.
  5. I feel a minor disturbance in the force, could it possibly be thunder and lightening.
  6. No surprise that the sth lincs storm shield is holding firm, nothing but low cloud, a bit of drizzle and not overly warm.
  7. looks like we have missed out on todays fun too, the lincs storm shield is firmly in place, lol
  8. not a drop of rain here, thought we might have heard a cpl of distant rumbles but there is not much to get excited about
  9. i think they will be off the field at the cricket soon and their they go, lol
  10. looks very stormy down there, was watching the cricket and the skies looked very stormy
  11. well we should be in loverly sunshine right now according to the forecasts, instead this stubbon low cloud and cool conditions just wont budge.
  12. And nothing to suggest anything will change, cool and cloudy here, not seen rain for days, this is the calm before the calm, lol
  13. Nothing here as per the norm, no heat to tap into, just cool cloudy skies.
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