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  1. Webcam at Oulten seems to be out but there's a picture here from about 20 minutes ago. http://www.webcams.travel/webcam/1363165406-Weather-Oulton-Broad-Webcam-HD-Oulton
  2. I managed to get a funnel picture at the last Lowestoft air display just over a year ago. Also a short video of it turning. Good job it didn't touch down.
  3. One of my daughters is acting reception manager at Bunn Leisure. I'll be phoning her on Monday to make sure all is ok. As you live down that way I'm sure you can appreciate that even on a very windy day the weather can cause havoc down there.
  4. A couple at Bunn Leisure in Selsey too. http://beautifulbeach.bunn-leisure.co.uk/webcam.aspx
  5. Weird it was. I was sitting on the edge of my bed at about 11.50 pm. I said to my other half about the patter of hailstones on the window. All of a sudden they were the size of marbles and bigger so I moved back away from the window. My OH had already ducked under the covers ! Then there was this roaring noise and it felt like the wall and windows were going to be sucked out then it seemed like they were pushed the opposite way. The windows didn't break, thank goodness, but the walls had cracked on some room corners and the cracks were big enough to get your fingers in. From floor to ceiling.
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