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  1. Ive been lurking here, reading all the arguments on both sides. As I see it... (from an IMBY perspective in Eastern Ireland). ... the deep cold has been pushed back 48hours now from what the earliest runs were suggesting..still outside the reliable time frame. ..there are now higher 850temps progged for Monday than Saturday!! ..thickness are struggling to get down below 520 this far west until well into fantasy island, they remain fairly high through Tuesday, whereas sub 510dam air had been forecasted on many model runs. Those who are afraid of further downgrades hav
  2. We also had a light but unexpected fall of snow that morning on the east coast of Ireland. A showery band of precipitation moved south around around dawn, after a hard frost, and landed on frozen surfaces. The covering only lasted a few hours but was perfectly timed to cause trouble during morning rush hour in Dublin, etc. Although it wasn't much, any snow covering here is highly unusual most winters. Funnily enough, I have an Irish TV weather forecast from the previous evening recorded on video.... predicting showery rain, with perhaps a bit of high ground sleet/snow mixed in. The snow was
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    Noctilucents, Dublin Ireland, 18-06-09
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