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  1. It was on the edge of 15cm zone. Currently at about 1 mm at best and melting
  2. Looking at the radar dying out in the north of the region around norwich and not moving northwards at all as some forecast said. Is that it?
  3. The apparent heavier band above Norwich isn't translating to anything on the ground
  4. Pretty poor show almost 12 hours after rain was supposed to turn to snow. London barely seen anything settled anywhere.
  5. It is. Just been off the phone to someone in Attleborough which is 30+ miles
  6. In SE London about 2 millimetres in a few spots. Drivel really.
  7. 3 mm in bexleyheath - and that's where it settled. Which is not much of the road or pavement. Very poor even with minimal expectation of 1 cm. is that it?
  8. Nothing settling in Se london. When people say cm I often think they mean mm when the pics arrive.
  9. Looking across London on webcams and SE London = non existent. East very poor. West poor. NW ok but none on roads or much paving
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