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  1. In SE London about 2 millimetres in a few spots. Drivel really.
  2. 3 mm in bexleyheath - and that's where it settled. Which is not much of the road or pavement. Very poor even with minimal expectation of 1 cm. is that it?
  3. Nothing settling in Se london. When people say cm I often think they mean mm when the pics arrive.
  4. Looking across London on webcams and SE London = non existent. East very poor. West poor. NW ok but none on roads or much paving
  5. Very little anywhere on web cams within the M25 - even in Kent
  6. Nothing settled from the last 10 mins mild shower. Others that had some snow now melted in NW Kent and SE London. Got to laugh.
  7. Latest big shower blob on radar looks like tit will barely get within M25. No real change of direction seen if winds are moving to east
  8. He has a point. Two days ago a perfectly reasonable poster tried to hold people's expectations in check for the forthcoming 48 hours (so up to now) and was hounded. He was simply saying its not 100% guaranteed across London and the home counties. He was right but those who hounded him offer no apology now I've noticed reading through the thread.
  9. Very slight change in direction of showers but still will barely enter London at all on current trajectory if they don't break down (which has also been happening)
  10. Another 24 hours until wind changes to more easterly? Much the same as said yesterday for today. Snow not delivering for most places
  11. Really? One blob I was looking at on a line to London now fading. EDIT: More than one. Yellows to light greens to blues the closer it gets
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