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  1. Sorry very late reply! The snow melted quite quickly the next day, but 8th Jan 2003 gave London and parts of Essex its heaviest snowfall at that point since Feb 91. Feb 2009 would have beaten this though.
  2. I remember an event from the mid 90's (95/96) where there was a forecast of around 4 inches of snow, and as a 9/10 year old I was very excited. I remember going with my mum, dad and grandparents that day to visit my great grandmother in Canterbury and us setting off back home to London a little early to beat the weather and the snow that was forecast. As it turned out, as we drove home we were lashed by heavy rain/sleet which was a huge disappointment. My dad and I watched the BBC weather forecast that evening when we got home and I remember Suzanne Charlton saying that freezing rain turned up
  3. Re people saying there isn't much cold on the continent to tap into. It doesn't take much for the European continental landmass to cool down significantly over a relatively short space of time. So I wouldn't worry too much about that at this stage.
  4. I thought it was quite amusing how the presenter had to explain to viewers what a mouse and cursor was. Shows how in 1985 computers for personal use were still in their infancy.
  5. Interesting video explaining the change from static to computer graphics in 1985, including Bill Giles and Michael Fish:
  6. Even here in London town this was a great spell. It started in late November with several days of cold and snow up until about the 2nd of December. We then had a very heavy, intense snowfall on the 18th. The temperature that night at Kew dropped to -10c I believe which is pretty exceptional in London in this day and age.
  7. Autumn is the worst season of the year in my view. As a fan of warm/hot, sunny weather and cold, snowy, frosty weather, both are lacking in Autumn. Early September can still have some summer warmth and the end of November can very occasionally have some winter cold, however all in all the bulk of the period from the end of September through to early December is full of dank, windy, wet weather. There is very little to look for in the model output to stoke any interest so it is the time of year I spend least time in the model output thread. This Autumn has been a shocker - very little in the wa
  8. It is cold and horrible out there. What has happened to our summer!
  9. In terms of the summer as a whole, for here in London, it's been a mixed bag. We've had some very hot weather but also some dull and disappointingly cool weather at times. However, we had an exceptional Spring. As far as temperatures go, when looking back over the last month or so I don't think we can complain too much. Here are the maximas for Heathrow since about the 13th of July. If we consider 24c is the average maxima for this time of year in London, then we had 21 days above average over that period, with 7 of them above 30c:
  10. So we've gone from one extreme to another. Very dry and very hot to very wet and cool. I don't mind if we don't get another heatwave before the summer is out but I want some dry, pleasant, sunny weather back!
  11. As much as I wanted some relief from the heat, today was too cool and dull for me.
  12. Yes we sometimes forget how cool that June was apart from the last few days. I was 9 years old in 1995, but have plenty of fond memories of day after day of hot and sunny weather throughout the school holidays.
  13. We have just had 6 consecutive days between 33c and 36c. Looking back to the hottest spell of the epic 1995 summer, and these were the run of temps at Heathrow that year: 29th Jul: 30.6c 30th Jul: 31.2c 31st July: 32.6c 1st Aug: 34.3c 2nd Aug: 33c 3rd Aug: 32.2c There were then 13 further days in August above 27c, 6 of them over 30c. What a month that August was. The July was also excellent overall.
  14. Yep much cooler than expected in London Town on Friday. Big shock to the system after the recent heat.
  15. What a change today! The heat has gone from London, and many other places. It feels cool outside, it's overcast and we've had a fair amount of rain this morning. Yesterday was just about perfect from a heat perspective - 28c and sunny.
  16. Finally got ourselves a thunderstorm here in NE London. Still very muggy, but a lot cooler than the last few nights.
  17. So we've missed all of the thunderstorms since yesterday in this part of London (NE). There have been some tracking over central, south and west London but down to luck (good or bad depending on your POV) we've missed them all. It's been a bone dry, sunny, warm day here peaking at about 28c. Although, there are couple of storms tracking along the north Kent coast heading in my direction, so we could see something soon.
  18. We're at 27/28c here in London today with plenty of sunshine. Still not seen a drop of rain or a clap of thunder here yet, although there are a few pushing through the SE at the moment, so could see some later. Really pleasant today compared to the 35 degrees we've experienced over the last 6 days. It almost feels fresh, which ofcourse it isn't as 28 is still 4 degrees above the seasonal average for London.
  19. Currently about 24 degrees on the eastern side of London with clear blue skies. It definitely feels cooler out there today, but still warm. Brings a little welcome relief from the heat.
  20. I love the heat. We don’t get too much of it in this country so I enjoy it when we do get it. However, the last 6 days, in London/SE, it’s been 33-36c every day which is quite exceptional for this country. There’s no escaping it, so when the house remains over 30 degrees throughout the day and night for an entire week it can get a bit tiresome.
  21. The vast majority of offices do have air con. Every one I’ve ever worked in have them. On the tube, it is already partially air conditioned. The walk through trains on the London Overground, District, Circle, Metropolitan and Hammersmith & City lines are all air conditioned. Its the deep level tube lines - northern, Victoria, Piccadilly, central and jubilee lines - where there is still no air con. This is mainly down to the technical challenge of implementing it so deep and with the tunnels literally shaped like tubes (hence the nickname). The lines where air con is already there are
  22. That batch of thunderstorms formed literally a few miles to the west of me and then moved westwards! Not seen a drop of rain here in NE London.
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