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  1. 27c and sunny here in London. Starting to hot up now after a pleasant morning. BBC forecast has now changed from 34c to 32c, which probably seems reasonable considering the current temperature.
  2. Actually 23c in London, not 21c. I think we will see a pretty rapid rise in temperature over the next few hours.
  3. Feels very pleasant in the shade this morning. Currently about 21c in London. Forecast high of 34c today. No cloud here, sun is shining.
  4. I do love the heat, although in this country with our homes not built for it and no air conditioning there is a limit to how many days on the trot I can put up with 35 degree heat. Luckily our average July and August temperature is 24c in these parts, so more often than not when the heat clears we’re back into pleasantly warm weather.
  5. I love the heat but I must admit in this country beyond a few days it can become unbearable indoors. Our homes are not built for mid 30s heat.
  6. Heathrow is now at 30c. With the cloud breaking up and a sunny rest of the afternoon I reckon we’ll prob peak at 32c or 33c in London.
  7. Yes I’m expecting it to hit 30c+ once the cloud clears, but probably not the 35c the BBC were forecasting or the 36/37c the Met were forecasting.
  8. Can’t see us hitting the mid 30s today in the London area unless this cloud clears. Parts of the south coast look best placed.
  9. Yep quite a bit of cloud here today in London. Some sunshine poking through at times. It’s very humid though.
  10. Patchy cloud here in London has suppressed temperatures a little so far. 26c currently at Heathrow and London City Airport.
  11. It was an absolutely sweltering day in London. 36 degrees, very little breeze. Scorching. I even ventured onto the tube this evening for the first time in 5 months and found a bustling, busy Kings Cross with every restaurant and bar full to the brim, plus many people sat by the canal. I do enjoy the heat, but I have to admit it becomes horrible inside the house without air conditioning. With several consecutive days with this heat it’s going to be interesting.
  12. 36c+ is still pretty exceptional. I think it was always a long shot to break the all time record today.
  13. What's the temperature in Leicester? To be fair, we've already hit 35.8c in London, and are likely to go higher before the cloud arrives so for this part of the world it's been bang on.
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