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  1. Wet and windy. Cold rain. Drizzle. Yuck.
  2. From a cold and snow perspective it’s been a 3 or 4 out of 10. We had a couple of snowfalls in London, with a couple of cm’s laying for each. Other than that, it’s been mild but also relatively settled. We’ve had worse winters, but also far better winters.
  3. Trawscoed in Wales recording 20c at 1pm. Seems to be leading the way atthe moment.
  4. Agree. In summer we usually see the hottest temperatures at 3/4pm. In late Feb, with the days still short in comparison to mid summer, the warmest time of day will more likely be early afternoon.
  5. Yep, agree. Many parts of SE England already in the high teens. The Welsh records look very localised in the NW/W of the country to the lee of high ground (foehn effect). Quite similar to how Porthmadog kept recording exceptionally high temperatures last summer compared to surrounding areas.
  6. Just my opinion, but if we have a choice between cold rain and spring warmth moving into March, I’ll be rooting for the latter all day long.
  7. I’m a lover of heat as much as cold and snow. As we’re now just 12 days away from meteorological Spring, with nothing cold forecast in that time, I’ll happily welcome this early onset of Spring weather. March ofcourse can still deliver cold and snow, but for it to be worthwhile it more often than not needs exceptional synoptics, I.e. March 2013 & 2018.
  8. Hmmm, horrid for me would be a raging jet and lows barrelling into the country bringing wind and rain. Plus, we’re only a couple of weeks away from meteorological spring so if it cant be cold and snowy then I would quite like an early onset of Spring. This is far better than 6c and heavy rain.
  9. Well we aren't at the end of winter yet, but with no cold spell on the horizon it's worth putting in an early review of winter 2018/19. Until the cold spell a couple of weeks ago, this winter was turning out to be pretty dire for snow. Until then we'd barely even had a frost down here. Two light to moderate snowfalls here in London on the 22nd of Jan and 1st of Feb (a few cm's each) helped pull things around a little. Assuming we see no more snowfall this winter, then 2018/19 will go down as relatively poor, but not a disaster. It was a very mild December and first two thirds of January. Also looks like being a very mild second half of Feb. As underwhelming as this winter has been, we have seen far worse. 2013/14, 2014/15, 2015/16 and 2016/17 were virtually snowless. 2013/14 had frequent bouts of wind and rain - the worst kind of winter weather in my opinion. This winter has been pretty mild oveall, but it has also been quite settled - which in my opinion is a good thing. I would prefer cold, frosty settled weather to mild, settled, however the latter is definitely better than a raging jet with barrelling lows piling in giving frequent wind and rain. Out of 10, I'd give this winter a 4. Poor, but I've seen far worse.
  10. John Kettley weather forecast at the 9 minute mark.
  11. Yes, just looked at the Heathrow records for Feb 86 and it was very cold from start to finish. There was a very brief milder blip where the temperature got up to 8.8c on the 15th, however for every other day of the month the daytime maxes fluctuated between -2c and 4c. The average daytime max for the month for Heathrow was 1.9c. Quite exceptional.
  12. Some BBC weather forecasts from this event:
  13. Exactly 7 years ago today, London/SE England and parts of E Anglia experienced a very good snowfall event. We had cold continental air being drawn in ahead of a weather front pushing NW to SE across the UK. For many western areas this started as snow but turned to freezing rain/rain. It stayed as snow all night across the SE, with some heavy falls. It then stayed cold for the next week across the SE as a cold, continental feed continued. Much of the rest of the country warmed up, but the SE largely maintained that cold, continental influence. With another light/moderate snowfall a few days later, we still had some snow laying in NE London a week later, which doesn't happen very often. Here are the charts for 4th/5th Feb: Here is an example of the cold air hanging on in the SE a few days later: I was living in Ilford, E/NE London at the time (have since moved to Chingford). Here are some photos from 4th & 5th Feb: Snow still lying a week later: 10th Feb: 12th Feb (picture taken nearby in Woodford):
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