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  1. What app do you use to see the previous days radar returns or rain accumulation?
  2. Very warm and sunny in London, temperature currently 28c.
  3. Another hot, sultry day. 28c and sunny currently
  4. danm

    Forgettable years, weatherwise.

    2011. During our run of colder, snowier winters between 2008/09 and 2012/13, the calendar year of 2011 was snow free for my location, sandwiched between the amazing December of 2010 and the snowy early Feb of 2012. 2011 had a warm Spring, but the summer was pretty unremarkable. The only standout weather event of 2011 was the exceptional heatwave (for the time of year) in late September and early October when it reached just shy of 30c.
  5. We've had nothing more than a few spots of rain in London today. The rain band moving down towards the SE has decayed with very little left on it. We're still largely bone dry down here.
  6. That rain in the far SE is moving north. Must be the first significant rain for most?
  7. A plume is always high risk/high reward. You have a shot at record breaking temperatures but also risk having all the heat being blown away. The models will continue to struggle with the position of the LP in the Atlantic, some runs will have it stay anchored out west, others will be more progressive and push it further east across the UK. We won't know what the outcome will be until much nearer the time. Even if the LP pushes east, will that be temporary and will we see the Azores high rebuild? We will have to wait and see.
  8. This old chestnut again. I think you’ll find there’s been plenty of discussion about what the weather will be like based on the model output for the whole of the UK. Naturally, as the most intense heat is forecast over the SE that will inevitably be discussed.
  9. We've generally been bone dry for the last 6/7 weeks, however we had a heavy shower last Friday evening for about 10/15mins.
  10. Let's hope so. I'm pretty sure many of us here would love a more continental style climate - cold, snowy winters and hot, dry summers with a few thunderstorms thrown in - at least for a few successive years. We have a temperate maritime climate at the end of the day, so these are generally temporary blips.
  11. While many of us would like to see some exceptional heat, I don’t think we can complain if it’s sunny and “only” 30c.
  12. Much cooler here too. yesterday was 30c/31c - currently it's 23c. Forecast high of 25c, although there's more cloud than sun at the moment so we may not hit that.
  13. I get your point, but it's relatively common for a NW/SE split to take place in summer? The hot spell earlier in June was pretty incredible for the W & NW.