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  1. Tomorrow (Tuesday) very likely to be day 4 of consecutive 30c+ temperatures here. Heathrow has recorded 30.7c, 33.3c and 33.2c over the last 3 days. 33c forecast for London again tomorrow before the heat breaks on Wednesday.
  2. Why don’t websites that list this data show the highest temperature reached that day rather than just the highest hourly figure?
  3. Got it. Cheers. Bit annoying some websites that list daily temperature data don’t take account of this. One I use regularly called tutiempo has updated its data for July and shows 37.2c as the max for Heathrow on the 25th.
  4. Anyone know why the max temp for Heathrow airport on 25th July shows 37.2c yet on the day the Met Office reported 37.9c at this site? Is there more than one station at Heathrow?
  5. True. Last year was also good overall. First week was very hot, it then cooled down considerably but we still had many fine, warm, sunny days. At least here. I think what we seem to have lacked is a proper, month long warm/hot August since 2003, and they’ve also tended to be more unsettled than those in the 90s in general.
  6. Monday afternoon and yesterday were dry, sunny and warm. Today we’ve had a few heavy showers in London, but still warm when the sun comes out.
  7. If people are interested in the trend to cooler, wetter August’s since 2003 then watch the first 15mins of the Met Office live video from today. Very interesting:
  8. Another nice day here in London after a warm, sunny afternoon yesterday. Sunny spells all day today, no showers at all yet. 24/25c the high again. Friday looks grim though.
  9. After some rain this morning it’s turned into a warm, sunny summers day here in London. Currently 25c.
  10. Apart the early October record breaking hot snap, 2011 was utterly forgettable. The summer was nothing to write home about and the winter months of Jan, Feb and December were bland and snowless here, sandwiched between the epic December 2010 and a good early Feb 2012 which also saw heavy snowfall down here.
  11. A more unsettled week to come, however if you live in the SE it won’t be too bad at all. Even showers here but also plenty of warm sunshine and temperatures into the mid 20’s.
  12. Yes and despite what some would have you believe, the weather here since the last third of June has been good. Plenty of fine, warm, sunny days with temperatures between 24c and 27c, plus a 33c, 2x34c and a 38c thrown in for good measure. 25c and sunny again today, 25c tomorrow and 27c on Sunday. The models this evening don’t look as bad for next week as they did earlier. The low seems to be tracking a bit further north and doesn’t look particularly potent, so the S/SE/E may not do too badly. Wetter further north and west, in areas that don’t need it.
  13. Best way to describe the next 7 to 10 days is that weather wise we’re going to be on a bit of a rollercoaster- ridge, trough, ridge, trough. Southerly tracking jet with areas of low pressure spinning up and slowly moving across the UK, interspersed with ridges of higher pressure and pulses of warm air pushing up from the south. As ever, the best of any drier, sunnier, warmer interludes will be in the SE and the wettest weather likely to be towards western and northern areas, however all of us likely to get a bit of a soaking.
  14. UKMO 12z pushes the low across us much more quickly than the 0z and earlier runs.
  15. Warm and quiet start to the weekend. Increasing risk of showers, hot in the SE on Sunday.
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