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  1. They almost always go with their own output on the FAXES, so wouldn’t get too worried about that.
  2. With experience you will start to learn who to listen to and who to ignore on this forum. 12z’s so far show a variation to the theme. We will keep getting these variations until we get the easterly into the 72/96hr time frame. We’re still on the right path.
  3. Those of us who have been on here long enough know that we almost always have sometimes wild model swings, upgrades one day to be followed by a downgrade the next. Always wise therefore to not get overly excited by an upgrade or overly despondent about a downgrade, unless it’s showing within 72/96hrs. Not only do operational runs chop and change, so do the ensemble suites at times. The background signals have not disappeared. We’re still witnessing a tropospheric response to the SSW. The dice are still rolling more in our favour and the odds improving on us seeing a cold spell. So if the 12z’s show a massive upgrade, by all means get excited but don’t discount the possibility of subsequent downgrades. It will only keep you sane!
  4. 98. Aldwych, London by nicnac1000, on Flickr
  5. Without derailing the thread (although we’re in the quiet part of the day), also have memories of this even though I was only 10 years old in 1996. Nothing in my part of NE London. Yet the western edge of Greater London would have got quite a bit. Remember seeing the news with places out west getting pasted and us nothing.
  6. danm

    11th/12th January 1999 frontal snowfalls.

    I was 12, nearly 13 at the time and had flown in to Heathrow from the US that morning after a family holiday over Xmas. Landed at about 6am, it was cold and frosty. During the journey home around the M25 back to NE London there was snow falling and settling, particularly around Potters Bar. However, just a few miles further east the ground was wet and whatever had fallen out of the sky (probably a wintry mix of rain/sleet/snow) didn’t settle. London was clearly on the boundary with this event as just a few miles made all the difference. Much milder air swept through in its wake and by that evening it was damp and mild. Don’t have many fond winter memories during that period. 97/98 to 01/02 was poor for snow down here. 93/94 to 96/97 all had decent snowfall and some good cold spells.
  7. To start with, we very rarely get lobes of the PV drop over us. The last one from the north was December 2010 and it brought us a very cold, potent Arctic blast with sub -10c 850’s all the way down to southern England, which is quite unusual with a northerly. The difference between us and the US is a N/NW’erly delivers a frigid airmass pretty much unmodified due to virtually no sea track. Typical continental climate. It’s also why places we go to for our summer holidays in Greece can get bitter cold and heavy snowfall, despite being so much further south.
  8. danm

    January 1987

  9. danm

    January 1987

    The title says Feb 87, but it’s from Jan.
  10. danm

    January 1987