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  1. Beautiful sunny, warm day. Bit of an odd gusty breeze has just started though.
  2. The quicker we see the back of this month, the better. I can’t remember such a cool and wet May. How anyone can enjoy this weather at this time of year is beyond me.
  3. Am I reading that right...the lowest daytime max in Anchorage in the Feb/March time period is 39f? That surely can't be right. Must get way colder than that.
  4. Wow. You'd never get that much lying snow in London in April these days.
  5. Bring it on! If we aren't going to get another freeze, we may as well go head first into warmth rather than faff about with 5 degrees and rain.
  6. This is one reason I’m not a fan of March cold and usually look to the start of meteorological Spring for some warmer, sunny weather. To deliver anything more than transitory, falling snow in March takes something pretty exceptional, such as the 2018 BFTE. If we get another beast, I’m all for it. If we just get cold weather with wintry showers that don’t stick around, I’m done and would prefer we start getting Spring-like weather.
  7. Been a good cold spell here with very low temperatures and some decent, but not exceptional snow. However as we approach the end of the month and head into March, I’m looking forward to some spring warmth. I usually don’t like it getting cold in March, as you usually need something exceptional such as the 2018 BFTE to produce anything of note. So unless we get another beast, I’m hoping it turns Spring like as we move into March.
  8. Bitterly cold today, only patchy snow left now in Chingford but just up the road in Epping Forest there’s still a nice coating:
  9. Here on the north eastern edge of Greater London, overall I'd give this spell a 5 or 6/10. Snow depths haven't been anything special - we've had a full covering, but probably topped out at about an inch or so - mainly due to a partial melt each day, which has then topped up. On that basis alone it would be a 2 or 3/10. However, context is needed - we have had 4 to 5 consecutive days of falling snow, which is pretty uncommon in lowland England. Monday was -2c all day with continuous light to moderate powder snow, drifting in the wind - a rarity in this country and great to watch. We still
  10. Me too. Wish we got it more often in this country. I work for an American company and my manager lives in Boston. They’ve already had about 3 or 4 falls of snow this winter totalling about 6 inches to a foot each.
  11. Had some light snow an hour ago, but cleared now and the sun is working on melting the snow in direct sunlight. Sticking fine in shaded areas.
  12. For here in NE London we haven’t had the deep snow depths- probably topped out at about an inch or so on surfaces where the snow hadn’t drifted or didn’t melt - but I suppose beggars can’t be choosers. We’ve had a dearth of cold spells in the SE since 2013, so we’re comparing this to only a couple of other spells from the last 8 years. To me there are several indicators of a good spell - snow depths, number of days of falling snow, how cold it gets and how long the snow lasts on the ground. In terms of depths it’s been a 4 or 5 out of 10. We’ve had 3 straight days of almost continuou
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