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  1. danm

    Spring 2013

    Unfortunately in London it was just cold and dull. Usually by the time we get to March I’m in the mood for Spring warmth. This year was a March cold spell I could get behind, with some good snowfall. Appreciate for some areas of the country March 2013 was epic. For here it was just very cold and dull with a biting wind. Not nice.
  2. danm

    How would you assess Summer 2017?

    For my location (London), summer 2017 was a tale of two halves. Warm/hot and sunny first half and cooler/wetter 2nd half. Between 10th and 26th June, the max temperature was 23c or above on every day except 1. During that period we had 5 consecutive days of 30c+, peaking at 34c on the 21st. The first half of July was again very warm and sunny for most of the time. The turning point was the 19th when it turned cooler, but between 1st and 18th July we had 10 days at 25c+, peaking at 31c on the 6th. The last 10 days of July and much of August was then quite cool and more unsettled. There was a short warm spell at the end of August.
  3. danm

    Autumn 2018

    Was like a summers day, very warm, humid and sunny. Beautiful.
  4. Another gloriously sunny day in London, warm too. Highs of 25c forecast. Currently 23c.
  5. Beautiful day down here in London. After some early cloud, we’ve had crystal clear blue skies and temps up to 24c. Stunning day.
  6. https://news.sky.com/story/uk-built-satellite-will-improve-weather-forecasts-11479108
  7. To be fair to him, he said “heat” is widespread, not 30c being widespread. The chart he posted shows 27s and 28s into northern England.
  8. A glorious afternoon - clear blue skies and 26c in London currently.
  9. Beautiful sunny morning and warm with temperatures up at 22/23c at 10.30am.
  10. A generally very good outlook on this mornings runs for those who want dry, sunny, warm weather. Much cooler later this week and into the weekend, but even then there should be some decent sunny spells. Into early next week we see the N/S split developing early on with low pressure still close by to the north, high pressure to the south. After that, growing agreement for the high pressure to extend to most parts of the UK at the turn of the month. Down here in the SE it’s been a warm few days, mid 20s and humid with some decent sunshine at times. A cooler blip this weekend and then it looks like getting back to warm, dry, sunny weather.
  11. Warm, humid day in London with sunny spells. 26c the high.
  12. Warm, sunny morning in London Town. 23c currently.
  13. Apart from the UKMO which only goes out to Sunday and shows a deep low slap bang over the UK on that day, there is plenty to be happy about on this mornings operationals for those who want more warm and sunny weather. The GFS and ECM both show high pressure building in by the end of the weekend and becoming dominant throughout next week for most of the UK. Sunday is a transition day, however as mentioned, the UKMO looks pretty bleak on Sunday compared to the ECM/GFS. We’ll have to see over the next few days how the UKMO wants to handle the early part of next week.
  14. Before it gets cooler at the end of the week, the next few days actually look quite good for here:
  15. It’s turned out to be a great afternoon. Sunny spells and 27c in London. Really warm in that sun.