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  1. Are you seriously suggesting in mid April that we may not see temperatures in the mid to high 20s again for the rest of the summer?
  2. Another glorious day in London, 26/27 the peak after 29 yesterday.
  3. Another scorcher in London. Temperatures already hitting 25c. Highs of 27c/28c likely
  4. At work in central London and can confirm it is scorching!
  5. I’ve noticed this now over several weeks on some forecasts that the resolution is high even when zoomed out, but other forecasts show the low resolution graphics. Here is an example from today. The resolution is the same when the presenter zooms in, so she clearly must have selected an option to show high resolution graphics even when zoomed out. Why can’t they do this for every broadcast?
  6. For those looking forward to some warmer weather now (and I love cold and snow in winter as much as anyone), I actually think having the jet stream re-set into a typical zonal pattern may be a good thing for the medium to long term. Ever since both beasts from the East’s, we’ve had a southerly tracking jet and we’ve stayed on the cold side of it. It’s a sluggish pattern with low pressure meandering around the UK. This week has been a prime example of that. Hopefully with a more traditional west to east jet stream which is closer to the UK we will see low pressure systems moving through more quickly and possible pressure rises to the south. It will also hopefully allow pressure to rise over the Azores which is what we want longer term.
  7. Another disappointing example of the lower resolution graphics when zoomed out compared to higher resolution when zoomed in: If they hadn’t decided to make the map so small then they would be able to show the high resolution graphics all of the time, as they did with the old graphics.
  8. I think the last thing most in here would want is chasing a cold snap that delivers cold rain or transient slush, which unfortunately is usually the case as we head into early April.
  9. March 2013 was very cold, even late in the month. July 2013 was sizzling.
  10. Old radar images of past weather events.

    Great thread
  11. Been a great couple of days. This sort of cold and snowfall in mid March is pretty exceptional. I for one am now ready for warm Spring weather. I highly doubt we’ll see anything this potent for the rest of the season, and I’m not up for a cold slush fest!
  12. Precipitation seems to be breaking up more now as it moves west
  13. To be fair I don’t think the Met Office predicted this either.
  14. SE Essex blob is expanding and intensifiying. Heading west
  15. That blob over Clacton has intensified and is moving towards S Essex and N London