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  1. Good subject, Francis Wilson was very good, unfortunately I don’t think he was given enough airtime on Sky, always seemed to be cut off mid flow. That’s always been the problem, other than BBC, the other TV channel wx forecasts seem to concentrate more on the presenters (mainly female) and the wx seems to be an afterthought.
  2. You got a whiteout Yamkin? sorry, your message eventually came through!
  3. Sorry no, read it yesterday but no longer being displayed, vaguely remember it referred to two sources.
  4. Attn Steve, Not sure you had an answer, but the last photo (cars) was the one on the Sky News Headlines and was attributed to you.
  5. Yellow warning issued for today
  6. Lying in bed watching a whole lot of mad people playing football on Raynes Park school field
  7. Started snowing Raynes Park
  8. Morning Tom just looking at that Dutch radar, shows more PPN building up and coming east, will these showers continue evolving today?
  9. Don’t remember ever being in a Amber warning area, fingers crossed
  10. Are you being less enthusiastic Steve?