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  1. What about the band over Kent that Nick Sussex has just referred to?
  2. For a moment I thought you were talking about Thursday/Fridays event!
  3. Lived in Africa most of my life, this is a blizzard as far as I am concerned!
  4. I think it’s snowing in Raynes Park, might be heavy sleet but my eyesight isn’t good enough to differentiate. Been great tracking everything on this forum today.
  5. Brilliant Daniel, I know it’s imby, but for the layman that is nice and clear. Thanks for taking the trouble to produce that.
  6. Daniel, if you live in Strood, why would you want that feature to go south? Really interested to know, assume your Strood is just east of London.
  7. Thanks Tom, so it looks like the Tuesday Wednesday event sounds a bit knife edge for London.
  8. Can you explain what the implications of the low being further south are. Many thanks.
  9. I think best wait until SM comes here and gives us a briefing, he did say he would be here this weekend. Ive noticed that if there is uncertainty he tends to hold back, which is much better than getting people’s hopes up.
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