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  1. Yellow warning issued for today
  2. Lying in bed watching a whole lot of mad people playing football on Raynes Park school field
  3. Started snowing Raynes Park
  4. Morning Tom just looking at that Dutch radar, shows more PPN building up and coming east, will these showers continue evolving today?
  5. Don’t remember ever being in a Amber warning area, fingers crossed
  6. Are you being less enthusiastic Steve?
  7. Thanks for that, not sure yet, my wife will be using it, it’s arrived and looks good. Could be useful for fresh herbs.
  8. Just ordered one, any comments as how good they are and tips?
  9. Yellow warning for snow just come out
  10. Nice bit of snow in Raynes Park can’t remember when I last saw anything similar
  11. Just listened to John Kettley being interviewed on LBC, he says snow for London later on today. So also with Steve’s comment, maybe all not lost yet.
  12. Overhyped, I can’t understand receiving two met off ice yellow warnings for Thursday and Friday at 0457 this morning having just read a post from someone who had just spoken to the “chief” at Exeter to say not much expected.
  13. Did I read Cionomaniac say it’s going to gradually beef up, looking at the radar it seems to have broken up quite a bit, or am I totally misinterpreting the situation. Hope I am!