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  1. Told my son to polish his balaclava, hope it’s worth it.
  2. Hope you blokes are right, but I thought the UKMO had to come on board. Please correct me if I’m wrong!
  3. Well, it sounds like the ECM has had second thoughts and the cold spell is back on again. If it does come to fruition, hats off to the Meto.
  4. Just re-read Steve's post, initial reaction to the 50/50 was a bit worrying until I realised he was referring to next week, so assume that week after next will be better odds than 50/50?
  5. Will you be able to continue posting from there, we need up to date gen
  6. Thanks Captain, that was much better, a “pause” button would be great. Next thing I’ll be asking for snow as well!
  7. Tried to quote a post from the Mod thread, it had a gif, which is good to watch the evolvement over a number of days, but for old eyes/brain, a bit fast, is it possible to control the speed of a gif?
  8. So many experts on the Models thread, makes a debate in the House of Commons seem tame.
  9. Got to admire Chionomaniacs positveness!
  10. Thanks AlexisJ9, anyone care to to explain the significance of Steve’s post
  11. Can anyone explain how to copy a post on the Models thread to this one
  12. Drawing those blue and red lines with the short explanation makes it so much easier to understand what’s going on. Thanks.
  13. Some years ago there was a potential snow alert (it didn’t happen) and I subsequently bought a snow shovel from Tesco. They had also seen the alert and had loads of shovels at the entrance to the store. I have had this snow shovel some five years now and all it’s ever been used for is shovelling leaves in the autumn, says it all really.