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  1. As usual there are a lot of “killjoys” on the main thread with respect to Thursday onwards. I am just going to wait for Steve Murr to put in his input, don’t really trust anyone else. One thing I’ve learnt is if he stops posting then the potential event is a no-hoper. hope I’m not offending anyone with good intentions, but I think there are too many trolls in this forum and too many people who haven’t a clue what they are talking about. Takes the enjoyment out of it.
  2. Quite a few clever forecasters on the Models thread claiming they forecast a dodgy winter ages ago.
  3. Happy New Year Carinthian, always good to see your great photos and forecast contribution for the UK.
  4. Interesting comment Badgers01, in your opinion who do you consider as giving out fairly reliable information? I have always gone for Steve Murr and Carinthian, they can’t always be right but their take is entertaining even if I don’t understand all the technicalities.
  5. Hi Badgers01 Nice pix of Wisley, I want to go to Kew Gardens to see the autumn colours, when do you think is the best time?
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