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  1. Think someone on the mod thread said this fax shows the weather front further west than expected. Might not be this fax, stand to be corrected.
  2. Looking forward to your updates through this period, much appreciated.
  3. ECM 96 has the jackpot >>> London / Kent / EA / Suffolk ! BOOM 💥 💥💥❄️❄️❄️ @TheSnowDreamer @ogriff79 @Meopham_Weather From one SM, now I can believe it!
  4. Yeah, that will be interesting although often I find their rain forecasts are a bit iffy. Forecast for the next few hours shows just overcast then rain suddenly arrives.
  5. Hi Reefseeker, I’ve just noticed your little advert for London Walk on YouTube. Had a quick look and it’s brilliant. Wish I knew about it when I was more mobile. Well done!
  6. Hi Mulzy I’m just down the road from you. How long do you think the snow will go on for. i have an appointment at the Nelson 1500 hrs for my jab and really don’t want to miss it. Will be going by car.
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