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  1. This is why I rarely come in here anymore. ‘If it’s not IMBY then I’m going to throw my toys out of my prank, slag off the Met O et al and suck the fun out of every possible minute. Then when it does happen I’ll gloat and pretend I haven’t done any of the above and praise be the Met O!’
  2. Every drama has a lesson...if it starts to smell like TCP don’t start the engine ? Best car I ever had, loved it more than my firstborn.
  3. Aww an Alfa. ❤️ Mine caught fire. Sad times! ? No snow here, just a grungy cold day, so far...
  4. I haven’t quoted your post but I bloody love you! ?❤️ Straightforward, easy to understand language that makes sense...not just cause you said snow either. ? Thank you
  5. Dafty! He’s a lovely bloke, just doesn’t need the grief of certain types of posters who think they know more than him. ? I’ll ask him
  6. Woah my lovely did I say your name? No i didn’t. I was generalising so pop back in your pram ?
  7. I just need to say this... if you’re not on the polar express then sod off out of this thread. The negativity brings me down maaaan. Its going to snow, for some there will be enough to make a little snowman, for others you’ll be able to make the 6’ man of my dreams. SW thread is the best thread on NW #fact so if you’re a naysayer looking at every run and taking it as truth then you know nothing about weather watching and you belong on the Express forum so bugger off. ??
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