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  1. All though I take it with a pinch of salt being a week away, it does look a pretty snowy chart.
  2. Reading done really well in Woodley we got about 7cm and might get some more showers this morning.
  3. Good start got a nice coverage and I’m sure the fun will begin in about hour or so.
  4. Looking at the radar the precipitation is really building up south of Reading i think Reading will do well in next hour or so.
  5. Light flurries blowing all day waiting for thicker stuff in next couple of hours, weather station now showing -0.8 c with -3.3 c dew point.
  6. That’s the weather station mile down the road at the secondary school, looks like they left the heating on full over the weekend ?
  7. It’s amazing how Reading is out of every Warning other then Wednesday hoping for 2cm max at this rate.
  8. Woodley Reading Berkshire, getting dark temperature dropped to 4c and at 995mb falling rapidly. Hopefully next 45 mins should start to see the change.
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