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  1. A lot of rain here this morning... no thunder now. Flood warning up for hughenden stream.... it's very wet here ... lovely and fresh today, a welcome relief
  2. Yes it's been pretty loud. Quieter now but I too can't sleep lol. ... lost power? So Blackwell heath is close by? I wonder how much rain will fall in these next couple of hours?
  3. Yes thanks lassie. We moved because of Hubby's job. It's really nice here... handy as we are not far from high wycombe and we are what I would call semi rural .... lovely countryside around us
  4. Yep... getting louder here... frequent lightning and raining hard now.... my first storm since moving to the valley ... exciting
  5. Lol ... you guys are funny... yes. I'm not hearing any thunder now so it appears that is so
  6. Thanks snoopie ... I continue to hear the odd distant rumble. I'm going out to take another look
  7. I am much further south than you. A village a few miles outside high wycombe
  8. Lol... no. I'm west of London... in the children's ... I heard a couple of distant rumbles half hour ago but nothing now.
  9. Ermmmm... Different... very different. We are semi rural here. Very dark clouds but I think storm potential is to my east
  10. I've just moved here from Chatham. Will this be my first storm at my new home?
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