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  1. Getting suitably beastleted here too. Good few cms and baby drifts oot. As if I needed snaw after last week's French overdose!
  2. Prospective beast fae the east part trois?
  3. I was snawed in / cut off for 2-3 days. ---- Unrelated. Some snaw snaps for addicts. I was gonnae say for a last fix, but wi anither beastie fae the east incoming... La Plagne 1800 oan Sunday and the day taking mini Miss SS (on both counts) tae her class. Over 2m lying where the sun hasn't got tae it at resort level. Afore the snaw: Plenty o' pretty snaw: Loads ae snaw: Stupit amoonts ae snaw: Dealin wi snaw Alps style: Nae messin aboot wi silly gritters:
  4. Just in time for me getting back fae la plagne.
  5. Sunshine. Birds tweeting in the trees. Daffs pushing up. Mrs SS collecting snowdrops again for the hoose. Nice. @CatchMyDrift Aye, roads were skating rinks this morning in places. Not weather related, but check oot the size of this. That's big enough tae lift @Hairy Celt aff a moor.
  6. Snawcrete to start forming the night by the looks of it. Freeze thaw cycle incoming.
  7. It's totally fine from Earlston N. to Edinburgh. I've no idea further South, but I imagine it's clear enough now. There's some impressive drifts to stare in awe at.
  8. This is quite impressive; down near coldstream. There were some real monster drifts up Soutra; 2 m behemoths.
  9. All my lovely snaw is melting. Rain and 1.7 C. Which is ok tae be honest, as I'm missing quite a few parcels which I need for... the snaw in La Plagne!
  10. Well it stayed snaw tae the end here. Not amounted to much though; maybe a wet cm. Looked impressive, but too much warmth in the air. If it freezes the night, would be lethal.
  11. Peltin doon here. Daein its best tae stick. T's dropped a bit tae 1.4 C.
  12. Watch oot. Next lot seems to be coming in as snaw too. So far at least. At 1.6 C here, I can't see any net gains though. DP -1.8 C though, hence snaw.
  13. Well, snaw stopped here. It was getting on for a couple of new cms but the T was rising at the same time so net slow thawing now. 1.7 C.
  14. Well, it's continuing to chuck it doon here with snaw. Looks like a bit of a break coming on the radar, then maybe heavier stuff? To be honest I'd rather not have too much more; awaiting some stuff from amazon etc so would like posties to get through. Like @ciel , I've not seen a postie since Wednesday. A check online and it seems most of my parcels have made it to nearby depots now, which is something.
  15. Ok, now heavy snaw. Big fat flakes. Chuckin it doon. EDIT Photae in case ye dinnae ken whit snaw looks like: