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  1. Aye, that caught me by surprise. More of a frozen slushfest here at fort SS with ice rink back roads, but a decent we fall up Soutra way from observations during the commute. Had been lying all the way down to Pathhead.
  2. Radar says that should be happening to me, but naff all falling out of the sky. EDIT @Ross B Whit? This is getting silly. I can't even get rain.
  3. I should damn well think so. Would be about time. The last few days have been bone dry cold hell. Please snaw!
  4. -6C here. I'm guessing it dropped pretty low during the night! I've a forlorn hope that wee blob that's just made landfall near the border might head my way.
  5. And me :-) I'd take that
  6. Milder here in Oslo today. 4c and pish. En route to airport for a flight tae Scotland in search of proper snaw.
  7. Looks like I might see some snaw in Oslo the morn. https://www.yr.no/place/Norway/Oslo/Oslo/Oslo/ Will try and bring some back with me on Thursday.
  8. Certainly a cracker here.
  9. As it stands, I'm arriving back from Oslo (work trip) on Thursday evening (about 10 pm), driving home from Edinburgh airport. Just hope roads, Soutra included, are ok. I don't mind the snaw, it's other people I'd rather not have on them. EDIT Nice welcome home.
  10. Aye, after a brief mildish interlude next week does hold some promise. That's quite a plunge envisaged for ETA the 7th. Associated fronts could be fun. Don't mind so much the frost has gone the morn as I need tae wash the car. Covered in salt as usual. Taking a layer of ice off first isn't ideal.
  11. Hame tae the finest coating of dandruff. I understand the Geordies are getting a pasting just down the road. Can see it if I look SE.
  12. Happy St. Andrews day fellow kilters. Good to see it's delivering the snaw for some. Clear, frosty and dry here, although windy and it seems to the SE there's a lot of shower activity.
  13. Aff tae a better stairt than last year. Mon the borders.
  14. Some potential for us Easties later this week. Meto 5 day
  15. Lovely frosty morn here with the sun splitting the heavens. We actually have about 0.1 mm of lying snow; between the grass blades I mean. Charts continue with a chilly outlook (slightly milder incursion on sunday aside), although very Northerly driven, which isn't great for us down here in the south of the country.