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  1. I think this is the first time I've seen heavy rain 'accumulating' on the back lawn.
  2. A bit of light freezing rain but mainly hail here so far. T = 0.7 C, DP = -2.9 C.
  3. Sleety pish here after a decent frost. Sleety pish actually attempting to stick on the patches of frost which remain. All kindae wet, cauld and half ersed, but wintry all the same.
  4. There was some sleety stuff lying at the top of Hillend ski centre on Friday evening. Even had some landing oan ma heid at one point. My first 'taste' of wintry prep. Certainly makes the carpet nicer tae ski oan.
  5. Winter alloys oan, fir whit its worth. Gutters done tae. Nothing else tae add really. Cauld n' dreich.
  6. I still believe in the The Big Grey Man of Ben MacDhui.
  7. Well, it is looking a fair bit blocked down the line. We might well be in for an early start tae the fun n games, Nice tae see some -10 C uppers over bits of Scotland intae FI already.
  8. Looking kinda chilly going forward. Aperitifs fae the east already. Mibbie time tae think aboot puttin oan the winter rubber.
  9. Heavy frost here overnight and it's still thick in the shade. Middle of the day and only 1.7 C in the sheltered back garden.
  10. Aye, we had the same here at fort SS yesterday evening. Was hammering down at times from some meaty NE showers. These rarely fail to deliver here. First wintry prep of '18/19. Glorious cold, crisp morning right now after a bonus extra hour in bed.
  11. Mini Miss SS caught the crackin sunset earlier on her phone.
  12. Saw this being retweeted.
  13. Very wet, but pleasantly autumnal.
  14. Pretty wet here to say the least. Huv tae get fully suited up fir the dug walk.