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  1. Gairden the morn. #snaw
  2. Pic from my folks house in Carrbridge. Heavy hail showers here on and off.
  3. Aye, even with the wind today the smell was in the air; was very nice.
  4. Well, yesterday was crackin - up to 18 C according to the car. Today more hazy, but nice the morn and 14 C. Clouding over now. Breezy both days, but still t-shirt weather! Few phone pics from walks with the dugs; weather, flora and fauna etc. Gorse is almost in full bloom and very fragrant to walk through at the moment.
  5. Another absolutely glorious day. Just back from a walk to the house from Lauder via the Southern upland way. Last set of snaps for this week. Noticed some weird red colour in some above; didn't notice when using the phone to size and upload. Shall use the computer in future. Spring truly sprung anyway. Very much taps aff.
  6. Crackin day. Just took a wee walk up the Eildons. Some snaps, including one of snaw ... on the Cheviots. As for this evening - emergency BBQ siren went off at our hamlet earlier. Getting lit as I write.
  7. Nothing weather related, but I had no idea you used to look like this when young: (first series)
  8. This invokes visions of folk swerving wildly to avoid bolts striking the road in front of them. #secondwinter
  9. That looks sufficiently cool to be worth a visit. A mate of mine lives in Abbey St. Bathans; lovely area.
  10. Few snaps of the day's walk with family and dugs. Headed out of Lauder on the Southern Upland Way in the direction of Longformacus via Thirlestane Castle grounds. Windy and a bit chilly, but sun was out for a good part of it. Very mid March.
  11. Aye, seems 'second winter' has arrived right on time. First spring was nice while it lasted.
  12. Have to say I'm enjoying spring. So moved on from winter now. Maybe it's me, but have snowdrops not lasted a long time this year? They're only just finally dying away at the house yet the crocii are well up and daffs opening too. Crackin day again out there.
  13. If that's in from the coast, e.g. towards Gifford, Humbie, Fala etc, then you will see snow every winter. How much will just vary. You can try the other side too, e.g. Longformacus area, Oxton down to Lauder () if you want better access to civilization via the A68. Go up to 250-300 m and immediately the snow increases.
  14. Lovely sunrises here at the moment. Combination of nice weather, no leaves on the trees yet, and snowdrops in full bloom. From the upstairs windae. Frosty and breezy the morn.
  15. Didn't lie here really, but did on the hills. Going to be slippy out there the morn.