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  1. Im stalking you and checking out your posting history! :closedeyes:

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      :shok: why am i hearing the Jaws theme in my head.

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  2. Been no a bad few days. Quite warm and sunny at times, with a good torrential downpour yesterday. Dry and mainly sunny the day, although I see the rain incoming from the west on the radar. Off tae French maritime alps the morn where it's a nice upper 20's in the middle of the day and sun splitting the heavens. Cheese and wine aisles here I come!
  3. I can imagine, what with that Bungle suit on.
  4. Crackin day. Mainly sunshine from around lunchtime onwards. Did the works; washed the car, took the dugs up the Eildons, then had a BBQ, then went for a wee cycle up the hills behind as the sun was starting to get low; really lit up the barley. A bit of a breeze, but that was nice as it kept you cool on hill climbs. Mixture of phone and decent camera snaps:
  5. On the subject of phone photos... Snap of Plockton from the edge of the hills behind it, where my daughter (featured) is on holiday with her granny. Picture-sque even when overcast. Brave wee soul even went in the sea for a swim; right little Katie Morag that she is.
  6. Thanks both for name and advice. Are they a match for yellow loosestrife lol? I'm not sure there's anything in my (cottage style) garden which doesn't need kept under constant control. --- Lovely sunny morning here, albeit pretty breezy.
  7. Anyone know what these flowers are called? Farmhouse near us has them in orange, and now I find them on a restaurant table. Really want to get some for the garden as they come in all sorts of colours. Nobody knows their name though. They normally have long stalks. Up to a metre or so.
  8. Mainly blue skies here for now and approaching BBQ weather. I'm washing the car and flies firmly out in force after the recent rains. Need the jungle juice on or I'd be eaten alive. Not midges mind - we don't really get them here - just b'starndin flies.
  9. I'm happy. Aye, garden was getting very dry and given I just did various bits of transplanting before the heavens opened, it's meant I didn't need to do lots of post-operation watering the past few days. Also, my Rhubarb is back with a vengeance after a poor early crop. Rain can stop now though please. It's Friday.
  10. Few phone photos from today's dug walk. Very pleasant, if still a little breezy.
  11. Aye, glorious this morning after a very windy day yesterday. Enjoying my coffee in the garden after finally getting around to putting in a WiFi extender. A question - is it me, or has this wind been particularly drying? Seems my newish hanging baskets dried out very quickly.
  12. I just add bitter lemon instead of lemonade to make a 'lager tops' / a shandy of sorts. So, more bitter / lemony than a regular lager tops with sweeter lemonade. It works quite well if you e.g. like putting lemon / lime in a beer such as Sol. It's 25 C outside here and is working well for me.
  13. I've developed a taste for lager tops with bitter lemon. Some might consider that rather unmanly, but when you've been married coming on 10 years, you don't care about such things. Gulp. Ahh.
  14. For here, I'll add... Lighting some of the 'Emergency (disposable) BBQs' we keep here in the office in about 1/2 an hour. Office kitchen fridge already stuff with burgers..snags...salad...onions etc. Ye cannae let these opportunities slip by...
  15. Absolutely lashing down here. Will give the garden a decent water before taps aff week starts. Looking like a crackin early summer spell. I'm already planning BBQs and major gardening sessions for the weekend. Just to jinx things like.