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  1. Few phone photos from today's dug walk. Very pleasant, if still a little breezy.
  2. Aye, glorious this morning after a very windy day yesterday. Enjoying my coffee in the garden after finally getting around to putting in a WiFi extender. A question - is it me, or has this wind been particularly drying? Seems my newish hanging baskets dried out very quickly.
  3. I just add bitter lemon instead of lemonade to make a 'lager tops' / a shandy of sorts. So, more bitter / lemony than a regular lager tops with sweeter lemonade. It works quite well if you e.g. like putting lemon / lime in a beer such as Sol. It's 25 C outside here and is working well for me.
  4. I've developed a taste for lager tops with bitter lemon. Some might consider that rather unmanly, but when you've been married coming on 10 years, you don't care about such things. Gulp. Ahh.
  5. For here, I'll add... Lighting some of the 'Emergency (disposable) BBQs' we keep here in the office in about 1/2 an hour. Office kitchen fridge already stuff with burgers..snags...salad...onions etc. Ye cannae let these opportunities slip by...
  6. Absolutely lashing down here. Will give the garden a decent water before taps aff week starts. Looking like a crackin early summer spell. I'm already planning BBQs and major gardening sessions for the weekend. Just to jinx things like.
  7. Not from yesterday as I was too busy gardening, but here it is (February): Just five minutes from here and quite impressive. A familiar A68 sight. Had an emergency BBQ yesterday and it was the first where it didn't get really too cold towards the end as the sun went down. #earlysummer
  8. Gairden the morn. #snaw
  9. Pic from my folks house in Carrbridge. Heavy hail showers here on and off.
  10. Aye, even with the wind today the smell was in the air; was very nice.
  11. Well, yesterday was crackin - up to 18 C according to the car. Today more hazy, but nice the morn and 14 C. Clouding over now. Breezy both days, but still t-shirt weather! Few phone pics from walks with the dugs; weather, flora and fauna etc. Gorse is almost in full bloom and very fragrant to walk through at the moment.
  12. Another absolutely glorious day. Just back from a walk to the house from Lauder via the Southern upland way. Last set of snaps for this week. Noticed some weird red colour in some above; didn't notice when using the phone to size and upload. Shall use the computer in future. Spring truly sprung anyway. Very much taps aff.
  13. Crackin day. Just took a wee walk up the Eildons. Some snaps, including one of snaw ... on the Cheviots. As for this evening - emergency BBQ siren went off at our hamlet earlier. Getting lit as I write.
  14. Nothing weather related, but I had no idea you used to look like this when young: (first series)
  15. This invokes visions of folk swerving wildly to avoid bolts striking the road in front of them. #secondwinter