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  1. Things looking a bit more promising going into February? Uppers a bit more like you'd hope for in winter anyway!
  2. Je suis à Arc 1600, en France. Dans le pub. Avec une grande bière!
  3. Just before the last run of the day. Some really beautiful photaes posted on the thread. What a sunset I missed. I hope might get some points for snow content at least!
  4. This neatly explains why I've shaken all the change oot the piggy bank fir next week's trip tae france. Been skiing on carpet at Hillend for not far off a year now.
  5. Well, that's me on hols. Packing for Les Arcs the morn, flight early doors Saturday. Forecast is for at least 10 cm of fresh snow, maybe more, just prior to my arrival. I'm eagerly watching French radar now. I shall be travelling, for the first time, as an Irishman, having officially become one in November (thanks Gran!). Very much looking forward to it, although feels slightly weird. Need tae mibbie update the moniker, at least to Scottish-Irish Skier. In addition to learning a bit of Scots Gaelic, j'apprends aussi le français sérieusement. Cela devrait être utile pour mes vacances! As for the Scots weather, looking a bit better for the snaw going towards February. Everything that bit cooler it seems, with ever more sub -5 uppers. Fingers crossed I come back from France to some Scots sneachda tae welcome us hame.
  6. Well, I'm off to Les Arcs in the French Alps next saturday. While there's plenty of snow, it's not had fresh for a while, with lots of freeze-thaw, so must be pretty icy and hard packed lower down. I was starting to be a bit down-hearted, but it seems the change in the weather that's coming (to us all maybe) will see it begin snowing heavily on Friday. If I'm lucky, it could see 30 cm of fresh over the weekend followed by low T's to keep things crispy. Fingers cross for here and there!
  7. Old bridge in Carrbridge this morning, courtesy of my folks. Describes the current weather well. VID-20200111-WA0001.mp4
  8. Be a while before I get there in duolingo! I'm only just at 'Tha IRN BRU math'.
  9. Just a wee post tae say Merry Christmas all. Hope santa was guid tae aebody. In the highlands masel at ma folks in Carrbridge. Weather very much nondescript.. Wis up Iverladnin-Dalnahatnich way the day. Sun oot at times. Discovered a wee monument tae wan o' ma forebearers; John MacAndrew (Ian Beag Macandra) of these parts. Brave Little John MacAndrew | ScotClans | Scottish Clans WWW.SCOTCLANS.COM John MacAndrew also known as Ian Beag Macandra was the most excellent archer that the Highlands or probably Scotland has ever produced.... Slàinte!
  10. Naff all tae dae with the weather, but I thought some might be interested while sitting around looking oot the windae at dull grey skies. Duolingo - a great wee app (free for phone or PC) for learning languages - have now added Scottish Gaelic. I've done my first few lessons and it's really good. Lots of words you may have seen on maps and signs will soon make sense! You'll also find if that you are proficient in Scots, and can say Gaelic words like 'loch', you'll have no problems with sounding. After all, many words in Scots come from the Gàidhlig. Slàinte!
  11. Hope you have a great time. I've a sneaky wee week booked in Les Arcs late January. It's peltin doon wi snaw there the now. Cannae stop looking at the webcam. In the meantime, am aff tae ma folks in the highlands for christmas. Looking like a damp and squelchy yin sadly.
  12. Also prevents rain getting in, which can be a problem if it's very heavy and/or the chimney is not in use. Many a damp patch has been caused by a bricked up fire place and an open chimney pot. If I climb a tree, I'm almost at 200 m here.
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