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  1. Sun unexpectedly out for much of the day here, so a lovely walk with the dugs in the fields and later a bit of gardening, including a first lawn cut. Was even wearing a t-shirt when mowing. If only every day of isolation could be like that! Although to be honest, where I live, this whole isolation thing just seems like any normal day off.
  2. Ethanol: Efficacy of ethanol against viruses in hand disinfection - ScienceDirect WWW.SCIENCEDIRECT.COM Ethanol is used worldwide in healthcare facilities for hand rubbing. It has been reported to have a stronger and broader virucidal activity compared w… Vinegar: Does vinegar really kill household germs? WWW.ABC.NET.AU Plenty of people swear by vinegar, but can it actually kill nasty household bugs? Interestingly, the first mentions citric acid (the tang in lemon juice) as a good anti-viral. It
  3. Slapping it on your hands regularly will also aid with social distancing I imagine too. ?
  4. If people are interested, at work (chemistry lab) we just made up our own hand sanitizer You can get recipes on the internet, but it's just alcohol and a thickener / moisturizer (to stop it evaporating too quick + drying your skin too much). We tried various mixtures and settled on 70% surgical spirit (denatured ethanol / booze alcohol) / 15% glycerin and 15% propylene glycol by volume. Likewise aloe vera gel can be used instead of glycerin / propylene glycol if you have posh hands. Glycerin and propylene glycol are vapouriser liquids / food grade, so you can get everything
  5. Hillend an hour ago. VID-20200312-WA0011.mp4
  6. Snaw, 6 cm of the stuff! EDIT. Mrs SS measured as 6 cm, so I conceded.
  7. Heavy snaw at fort SS. Startin tae stick. EDIT, gigantic flakes. Gairden turning white quickly. VID-20200229-WA0005.mp4
  8. Aye, settling well at Dreghorn, but slushy here at Riccarton. There's quite a bit of snaw in the borders, it seemed to get progressively heavier as it passed over. I kindae followed it during the commute. Edit Ootside lauder post office earlier.
  9. Aye, steady moderate snaw here. Lying on everything, roads included. Maybe 1.5 cm deep now.
  10. The ford capri's as cool as the snaw. My grandad had a red capri when I was wee and I loved that car. Well sporty. Welcome tae the forum.
  11. In the longer term, it's looking kindae cauld tae. -5 or lower T850s the norm... Even scandi/greenie highs making appearances in FI. PV increasingly disrupted / wandering. I'm not holding out hope for a wee beasterly quite yet, but at least the ski areas should finish the season better than it started. Or, mair correctly, start their season! In the meantime, the morn looks fun. --- EDIT. This is actually more classic 70s/80s winters in Scotland. I learned to ski at aviemore as a young lad fae the valley in the 80's. While carrbrigde got snaw, it wasn't a co
  12. C'est un chat intelligent! Il ne fait pas beau aujourd'hui. Il pleut et il y a beaucoup de vent ici. La tempête arrive! ---- EDIT, ou en écossais: Clever cat! It's guy dreich the day. Pishin doon an' blawin a hoolie here. Bawbag incoming.
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