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  1. Fir FS EDIT. Couple of cms lying now. EDIT again. New vid. EDIT 3. 5 cm now WhatsApp Video 2021-04-10 at 21.37.01.mp4 WhatsApp Video 2021-04-10 at 22.19.53.mp4 WhatsApp Video 2021-04-10 at 22.30.45.mp4
  2. These are so awesome. I've found plenty pics, but vids are rare. Funny thing is, very little has changed. It was never a winder wonderland. Always relied on decent snowstorms filling up the northern corries. EDIT the slush bumps of Scotland were legendary.
  3. Aye. No tryin tae teach anyone tae suck eggs, but if ye huvnae dug the drive and cars oot, do it first thing the morn before the temps get above zero for a wee while then drop again. Otherwise, you'll be hacking at concrete instead of blowing away fairy dust soon enough. Even a slight freeze-thaw causes grain contact cementation and turns champagne powder into hardpack super quick. EDIT when I cleared the drive this morning it was super easy. T-shirt weather. Felt like I was in the alps. Twice the depth of the last frontal wet porridge snaw but a fraction
  4. Few mair photaes fae fort SIS. Dug the cars oot; surprisingly easy as the snaw is aw light and fluffy. Pity a dinnae hae a leaf blower! 1852840682_WhatsAppVideo2021-02-10at11_22_22.mp4
  5. No going further than the back door in the dressin goon atm, but i can still see the bench. Just. Holy guacamole.
  6. Weather update fae fort SIS. Jist back fae a wee run in the wuids. Conditions as follows: 2067811181_WhatsAppVideo2021-02-09at16_24_22.mp4
  7. Aboot 12 cm here with showers thick and fast. Pic of the road before a bloody plough spoiled it and the obligatory gairden bench. Gonnae be a nice dug walk the day.
  8. Mair ae a wee cow'rin, tim'rous beastie at work the day, Embra west. A 101 North type day. Better at hame where showers are slowly building up cover. Looking lively offshore fae fort SS. Might get masel a wee streamer yet.
  9. Maybe 4-5 cm now. Pretty regular heavy showers passing over. EDIT. Speak ae the devil... WhatsApp Video 2021-02-08 at 08.15.03.mp4
  10. As per the 06Z, the 12Z GFS has the atlantic really struggling. This is as warm as it gets before the beast fights back:
  11. Aye, every car is a 4x4 with the brakes on. Why not get a set of wheels (second hand?) with winter tyres for it? Or snow + mud if you are off-road a lot. I've got a set of 'all seasons' on some alloys for the winter which are not full winter, but manage the snaw/rain/cauld/mild of Scotland in winter, and a set of full on sports summers alloys. Can swap them myself one by one with a regular jack. As for the rugby, I got an Irish passport so I could support a team that wins stuff sometimes. As soon as I did that, Scotland qualified for the Euros and then won the Calcutta cup at twicken
  12. Showers pepping up a bit here. Teeny wee blobs joining up intae mair substantial blobs off the Berwickshire coast. So far I'm lucky if I've accumulated a cm in the gairden.
  13. Light tae moderate champagne pooder here. Everything slowing turning white. -0.1 °C
  14. Oh flooer ae Scotland, when wull we see, yer like again.... Moderate wet snaw here noo; T dropping pretty quickly. T = 1.6 °C/ DP = -0.7 °C.
  15. Heavy wet snaw here now. Muckle flakes mixed in with the rain.
  16. First flakes blowing in the breeze here. Arriveth the beast. 😈
  17. Raw oot. Easterly wind and cauld rain really cutting intae yer face. You can feel it turning tae snaw. Cometh the beast... At least it's stopped absolutely pishin doon. Gonnae try tae venture oot fir a run this afternoon before I need snow shoes for this. At the moment, it's more a set of waders that's needed.
  18. You should lay some nice stones around the edge, put in some carp, and make a feature of it. Would compliment your lovely garden. My house turns into river cottage in rain like this as the road becomes a stream. It's so steep though it's not a flooding issue as it just runs past. I built up some stone rimmed flowerbeds to enure the surface water stays away from the foundations.
  19. Seriously heavy snaw mixed with rain here at the moment. Enough to put down a slushy layer EDIT. Not sure if this has been posted. Trapped drivers rescued amid heavy snowfalls WWW.BBC.CO.UK About 20 vehicles became stuck in snow on the A835 in the Highlands following heavy snow on Thursday.
  20. Sublimation is truly sublime. That is evaporative cooling. Air so dry that it actually causes snaw to evaporate. Air in contact with ice should have a certain concentration of water vapour in it. If it is below that, the ice will directly evaporate to vapour. Just like e.g. CO2 dry ice on top of the pops. As it does so, there is a latent heat of sublimation / vaporisation (solid ice to vapour transition) which cools the snowpack to the ice-vapour equilibrium temperature at the pressure concerned until it's all gone. In the continental rockies, this is common, and snow does
  21. Snawline finally dropped below lawn level. Everything turning white. Weekend looking nice for here; E-NE'er is a total snaw machine for me.
  22. Aye, I think the snawline in my gairden is about 2 m above the lawn and has been for the past 24 hrs.
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