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  1. Moderate snowfall here now. Looks like it's snowed lightly overnight. Been a great spell so far. People's expectations are too high sometimes. It was always going to be better the further east you were. As per the met office warnings which have been spotty on.
  2. The wind has really picked up here. Can hear it howling down the chimney. Blowing the powder snow off the roofs.
  3. My take is that it'll be more heading towards the North Kent Coast. Not enough Easterly element yet.
  4. Signs that the low pressure is starting to pull away South Eastwards. Precipitation should start to pivot and the winds swing North Easterly then finally East North Easterly. Time to start looking for streamer set-ups.
  5. Very fine snow blowing about in a strengthening wind. Temperature falling back now to 0°. Everything coated...
  6. Shame the ignore function doesn't work when the ignored user(s) quote a post or are being quoted.
  7. Yes I would agree with that. When I look at North facing roofs, the patchy cover from earlier has survived. The south facing roofs, clear. Having a heavier period of snow now after an hour or so of lighter stuff.
  8. Snowing nicely here now. Roofs and cars getting covered. Shame about the wet start.
  9. I think it's good they put that. It's to stop people getting the impression that snowfall is guaranteed. The amount of "snow shield" and "couldn't make it up" comments you see on here justify it.
  10. Met office warnings now being updated. Primarily for snow in the form of showers until Wednesday. That's all down the eastern side for those in the yellow zone. With the caveats that as they're showers, some places will miss them.
  11. So this event (which is still happening) is the biggest bust ever?
  12. Who me, or the models? Model wise, if only it were that simple. It's all still happening, it's just delayed. It's only the weather.
  13. The only way to avoid disappointment for you then is to delete any apps, rescind your membership here and look out the window. Go native.
  14. Some of the posts in here make for great reading, for all the wrong reasons. Looking at the charts and out the window, it seems everything is delayed by 4/5 hours. Bit of a shame really as the ground is sodden and the snow will be falling in daylight. Still plenty of opportunities lay ahead in the first part of the week.
  15. Regretfully, if those that you have ignored are quoted by other users,v you can still see their posts. Never mind.
  16. That's a shame. I honestly do like your take on things. Please reconsider.
  17. Good to see you in here @tight isobar. Look forwards to your unique takes on things.
  18. UKMO run is a belter for all. GFS op is a cause for concern for all eventually. Let's see how it sits in the Ensembles. Great period of weather lies ahead if you're off a cold and snow persuasion. I'm not too perturbed by the GFS op run.
  19. Look at that profile. It's no wonder it went into reverse. Astonishing set-up! I don't like commenting on FI charts, but that is something else.
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