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    Food glorious food 😁 holidays to Hisaronu Turkey. Butlins Soul weekends with my mates. From an early age my dad taught me how to read a barometer he's my weatherman always has been always will be. Clactongaz my hero even if he now lives Holland on sea 😂
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    Deep untouched powdery snow and red hot beaches sipping cocktails

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  1. Snow, decorating and my upcoming first weightwatchers weigh in *gulps*

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    2. Essex Chelle

      Essex Chelle

      Hi I got weighed last Monday so next week be my first loss hopefully, I lost 2.5 stones in three months doing it couple years back then thought I'd be ok to stop tracking and just go to the gym - I was wrong lol. Well done to you coz that's a great achievement x

    3. Coast


      Good luck Chelle!

    4. Essex Chelle
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