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  1. Gotta new motor - now lets have some sun so I can be roofless :)

  2. Hates Saturday evenings when on a diet :(

  3. Still praying ill be snowed in Monday and unable to make my first weigh in at fat club!!!

  4. Snow, decorating and my upcoming first weightwatchers weigh in *gulps*

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    2. Essex Chelle

      Essex Chelle

      Hi I got weighed last Monday so next week be my first loss hopefully, I lost 2.5 stones in three months doing it couple years back then thought I'd be ok to stop tracking and just go to the gym - I was wrong lol. Well done to you coz that's a great achievement x

    3. Coast


      Good luck Chelle!

    4. Essex Chelle
  5. Hi mate, without posting on the board, what do you think of my dads prediction of snow on Xmas eve? he is normally very accurate, but from reading others comments, cannot see him being right this time. Cheers Michelle x

    1. Essex Chelle

      Essex Chelle

      Hmmmm you never did reply to me - how rude :p

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