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    Food glorious food ? holidays to Hisaronu Turkey. Butlins Soul weekends with my mates. From an early age my dad taught me how to read a barometer he's my weatherman always has been always will be. Clactongaz my hero even if he now lives in Sible Hedingham
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  1. Laying in bed the room is so bright- cos outside is bright white - night night def going sleep now 😴
  2. So many people missing out seeing this lol. Radar looks great atm, if stays that way be best night so far
  3. Blimey woke up for some reason checked door camera and its really coming down again.
  4. Yeah bed for me too, I've had right stressful might in work (export and brexit lol) hope you get more snow overnight.
  5. No I gathered that. Just seemed angry red mass growing in size approaching uk and my mate lives in Northern France and also has had quite lot of snow today.
  6. Look im no expert I've been here 12 years and I learnt few things and love looking at radars so just popped on rain today and noticed this big red growing blob appearing out off of northern France, its growing in size quite rapidly, someone take a look?
  7. It makes me realise how weird weather can be, that someone 5 min drive away can have totally different weather sometimes extreme weather.
  8. Took 10 mins from start to finish lol couldn't believe it. Literally got home from work about 11.15. Roads all clear and dry no shiny ice down side road now all covered again and considering my engine warm it settled on car quickly
  9. Literally pulled up 20 mins ago with a clear car, dry drive pavement and road and then looked on doorbell camera see this!!! Shocked 😲
  10. Southend Boys your gonna get it any minute, hubbies in Shoebury and its thick n fast falling
  11. Just in from work and roads much better tonight in fact I was surprised by how clear and dry they were obviously side roads still a bit slippery but main roads were weird, snow piled up on roadside but no wetness in the kerbs - night night people in my phone 😃
  12. Just in from work, A13 and canvey way was bit hairy in places hardly anyone on the roads its scary time night driving alone. Was relieved to pull up on my immaculate snow filled driveway. Home to a nice beef stew and gnocchi (bet you can't say that without thinking of Gavin and Stacey) 😂😂. Was pleasantly surprised by the extra coverage we have tonight really thought that was it.
  13. Morning, lovely scene to wake up to today, I dont need to go to work till 3pm but means 11pm drive home, I do have a new car this year its a AWD Ford Edge but its auto and I've only ever driven in manual in the snow!!
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