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    Food glorious food 😁 holidays to Hisaronu Turkey. Butlins Soul weekends with my mates. From an early age my dad taught me how to read a barometer he's my weatherman always has been always will be. Clactongaz my hero even if he now lives Holland on sea 😂
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    Deep untouched powdery snow and red hot beaches sipping cocktails

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  1. Chelle goes into work Monday- everyone it's gonna snow Tuesday not much but loads on Thursday boss even allows us to leave early last night in preparation - no snow. Tonight chelle goes into work no snow now gonna warm up bit next week - boss says no it's def gonna snow tonight I say no no no- just looked out office window.............. ❄❄❄❄❄❄
  2. Feel bit embarrased I asked what a Thames streamer was earlier as I've just seen tomorrow is my 10th anniversary of joining the group
  3. Left work 10.15 in basildon good covering on cars drive home to canvey it's seemed to be thicker falling from sky but cars had less coverage. Been home half hour now and my car not covered as much as it did in 10 mins in basildon- sea air? 0 degrees on the car dash.
  4. Snowing in basildon nothing like the pretty flakes on Tuesday though
  5. Outside my work right now in basildon- it was beautiful snow fall so pretty to see proper fluffy flakes.
  6. Just phoned home its raining in canvey yet in work in basildon lovelybig flakes settling every where
  7. I'm at work in basildon it's literally just started light flurry
  8. Driven Basildon to canvey back to Basildon and in that time temp gone from 5.5 to 4
  9. Keep seeing winter 1947 mentioned on this site and well ive just been in to town got talking to a lovely older lady I warned her of the up coming very cold temps and to make sure she gets prepared and not to leave the house next week. Her reply was "my dear I lived through the winter of 1947 I still managed to get into work in the city by steam train snow was in 20ft drifts in places" bless her - but I'm taking this as a bit of spooky coincidence she mentioned that year outta all other years she has seen heavy snow
  10. Hubbie went out in car 30 mins ago now windows are covered again. Seems to be finally settling after last few hours of no inch-age!!! Garage roof and bbq are covered too. Canvey island ❄☃❄
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