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  1. How's tricks. Long time no speak. Been a great day here for streamer showers. Had a decent accumulation by lunch but a steady thaw this afternoon.

  2. Another heavy shower here, been on and off all morning. Decent amount on the ground now and looks like more to come.
  3. Its very fine lines with this but we have had on/off showers all morning and a decent amount on the ground now.
  4. Current streamer coming through, I am just missing it, up the road in Coalville might be fairing slightly better?
  5. There's some more beefy looking showers heading this way if they keep their intensity. Looks like it could be a decent accumulation by the end of the day if this continues. Such fine lines though.
  6. That's what has just come over us. Quite a heavy downfall, easing now.
  7. Gone very heavy here last 5 mins. Seems we are right in the sweet spot for these streamer showers. Had a good old covering this morning. This current shower the heaviest yet.
  8. Yes, been frustratingly on the edge of this all morning. Just very cold light rain here, can't see much more than that occurring.
  9. Looking at the radar I am right on the edge of this pivot and have been for a good hour or two, so close to the white stuff but not too hopeful, just drizzle here.
  10. Not a flake and not at all surprised. The writing was on the wall pretty early yesterday evening for us. Had all crossed but it would have been bordering on a miracle!
  11. Was thinking the same, looks quite a beefy bit does that
  12. Fingers firmly crossed but for me it is highly unlikely we'll see much. In fact I am not sure we'll see anything.
  13. At one point yesterday I was down for 13 hours of consistent light snow, it is now down to about 3!
  14. I too found the BBC forecast the most accurate yesterday predicting rain until 5ish then some sleet then a complete stop by 7-8. Only giving light snow for a few hours tomorrow evening now
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