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  1. Cheltenham Tipping Competition

    1:30 Apples Shikira 2:10 Flying Tiger 2:50 Poetic Rythm 3:30 Might Bite 4:10 Unioniste 4:50 Cater Mckay 5:30 Top Gamble
  2. Cheltenham Tipping Competition

    3:30 Apple Jade is a N/R so have gone for Augusta Kate
  3. Cheltenham Tipping Competition

    1:30 Invitiation Only 2:10 Who Dares Wins 2:50 Frodon 3:30 Apples Jade 4:10 The Storyteller 4:50 Cut The Mustard 5:30 Milansi Boy
  4. Cheltenham Tipping Competition

    Wednesday Selections: 1:30 Samcro 2:10 Black Norton 2:50 Max Dynamite 3:30 Min 4:10 The Last Samauri 4:50 Nube Negra 5:30 Tornado Flyer
  5. Cheltenham Tipping Competition

    Tuesday 1:30 Getabird 2:10 Footpad 2:50 Shantou Flyer 3:30 Buveur D'Air 4:10 Bennie Des Dieux 4:50 No Comment 5:30 Ballyhill
  6. tomorrow certainly is of interest given the latest GFS and Icon for southern parts of the region
  7. tracking that shower, hoping it is coming my way
  8. this looks a bit interesting for over tonight https://www.buienradar.nl/nederland/neerslag/buienradar/24uurs
  9. still nothing here on the Herts / Essex boarder. would love to get something but cant see where it would be coming from
  10. what direction is the wind meant to be for this evening / tonight
  11. been tracking that shower but think it will pass just to the south of here
  12. under the pink bit and nothing falling here
  13. I am on the herts / essex boarder do you think I am too far east to get anything tonight?
  14. Egypt - Sharm El Sheikh

    Hi Knocker, Do you have a link to where you got that from, so i can follow it?