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  1. It has rained almost continuously for 4 solid days now. Temps been 1c to 6c. Am I on Elephant Island?!

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    2. Nick L

      Nick L

      You'll get rain falling even if it's sub-zero if you've got a warm layer higher up.

    3. Mountain Snow

      Mountain Snow

      My name is Frankie Wild-o.

      Me hut's on Elephant Isle.

      The wall's without a single brick

      And the roof's without a tile.

      Nevertheless I must confess,

      By many and many a mile,

      It's the most palatial dwelling place

      You'll find on Elephant Isle.

      It's the most palatial dwelling place

      You'll find on Elephant Isle.

    4. Mountain Snow

      Mountain Snow

      Hope your shack is better than Shacklton's lot!

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