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  1. Oh my.. what awful weather. Wet, 13c.. And two more days of it until it improves... bleughhhh. Instantly less energy in us to do stuff!

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    2. Costa Del Fal

      Costa Del Fal

      Not that it is especially rare though bottesford. IMO chances are if the UK has been affected by a LP system, chances are Germany will too in some form or another.

    3. Bottesford


      Yes it does happen - although Berlin far less often being further east. Most systems seem to die a death before getting here. Guess it has to happen sometimes though!

    4. Scorcher


      I think in a normal summer it happens more often than it did last year in Berlin- last year was quite a hot one if I remember rightly. I've witnessed some very poor weather in Germany in the summer months- 10C with torrential rain one day in Munich on June 1st!

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