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  1. Crikey this country's weather is dreadful sometimes! Endless gloom and rain today.

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    2. matty007


      You're just talking about you. In regards to the whole country, it's delivered immensely in regards to storms.A lot more than in most years in recent memory. That may be, but it's still muck to me. I don't want average or unsettled. I want warm and sunny, and this month has given me that for the most part. And it looks to continue for some time.

    3. karyo


      Have you been to the whole country? Something tells me you are judging things according to what you experienced in your location. Many areas have seen no storms despite the warmth.

    4. matty007


      Umm no, I've got a lighting strike detector right here.There has been storms since last night over much of the country, some very violent. And on the contrary, last night in my location was very poor so no, I'm not basing it off just my small location. That is short-sided. Weather should be looked at over all the country, and doing that tells you that's it been a largely warm, humid and stormy month. Obviously not storms galore, but many more than most July's in recent years,...

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