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  1. Been a lovely day here - lots of warm sunshine with an autumn like breeze... Good doing things weather!

    1. Eugene


      Grey and cloudy here most of the day, you northeast midlanders get all the good weather it seems<lol

    2. gottolovethisweather


      bloody pi&%$d down here most of the day but entertainment was had in the form of Thunder and Lightning for a few, sadly not confirmed here. Not all bad for those that like dull dreary then convective and some sun to boot type conditions.

    3. Eugene


      Yeah we had some lightning too, its rained consistently this weekend day and night, makes it damn hard knowing what to go out in as you never know what weather you will be hit by, clear blue sunny days it certainly isn't, I think bottesford just embraces bad weather setups, the week ahead is look very unsettled indeed but you won't see him moaning much, typical bottie

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