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  1. The whole getting up to a freezing house and everything you touch is also cold is wearing thin now... No morning heating yet - limping towards the incoming good weather!

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    2. Eugene


      Likewise the getting up in a humid house was wearing very thin, at least its pleasant indoors now with no fans required, AC costs a fortune too this past summer, much lower bills because of this weather, nobody moans about cold in September anyway as its not a cold month at all, god help you from October if you think its too cold now.

    3. Bottesford


      I don't have AC nor do I need any in the UK's generally cool/tame summers. Fans? Not used one in years.

      'Nobody moans about cold in September' - heard six people in the last 2 days do that very thing - excluding me!

      You make this stuff up you really do... Funny tho :)

    4. Nights King

      Nights King

      AC!? We have no need for that I think there was maybe 3/4 nights this year where I found it a bit too hot in my 13 tog duvet which I had on all year round :-)

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