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  1. Autumn descent step 1: Return of the schools. Traffics levels: +50% on the commuting glory time (July/August). Next up: Return of the students...

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    2. Bottesford


      Yes for sure - still in shorts & doors/windows open in the office. Long may it continue!

    3. Eugene


      Autumn ascent step 1: Return of the noisy brats means less kids hanging around the town centre , can go out in peace and quiet, next step to improvement Return of the late night boozy students, win win in most people's opinion

    4. Eugene


      There is a lot less traffic around bottesford as ever you focus on rush hour and don't look at the better overall picture, people heading to school/uni and work, some people have august off means much quieter on the roads in the daytime/evening and less people being anti social as they have to goto bed early to get up

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