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  1. Coming home from work in proper daytime - not half dusk, not draw the curtains 15 mins after getting in - no - it's proper daylight with the sun still shining. Bliss! The good times are upon us at last!

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    2. Eugene


      The great thing about this weather is no insects around, well not as many as usual and no slugs in my garden, I feel so alive when out in this crisp gorgeous weather with warm sun and the nights are lovely clear and frosty, fantastic spell of weather, planning a country walk for Thursday, should be great out and about with hardly any mud and what there is quite hard

    3. gottolovethisweather


      I was being slightly ironic but I can't really see the difference between a cold early March day and even an early April day. Could you confess to an 11c Max in Mid-June as being lovely, as we had last year? A whole 16 hours of which to enjoy it as well. Like Eugene, I guess we will have to put up with the milder (10c plus) rainy interludes before the better warmer drier weather eventually returns.

    4. Bottesford


      My house has been warmed by copious gas as usual!

      Eugene- true no slugs in the garden - but then there's nothing growing so makes no odds anyway!

      This is great April weather though I'll give you that.