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  1. House felt nippy this morning and windows all covered in condensation. A sign of the fun 'n games to come...

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    2. Isolated Frost

      Isolated Frost

      It's weird that whenever I'm cold in winter, I don't need to turn the heating on, I just wrap up well?

    3. Aaron


      Said this countless times before in the past, but this is a weather forum, why do things like gas bills always get mentioned when people proclaim their preference for cold, snowy winters? Try living in the US deep south where summer A/C bills rival winter heating bills here.. but Ian is in the tiny, tiny minority on this forum so it's understandable that he feels isolated and annoyed on this forum.. even though he loves thunderstorms, which kill people all the time.

    4. jamesbhx


      What happened to putting more clothes on when its cooler? My heating was last on in March and I don't expect it to be on again until late October at the earliest. 16c indoor temperature is my personal comfort level I do admit.