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  1. Brrr cold this morning. Dipped just below coat needing level for first time on a work morning since June (12c) and the house feels well chilly. Can't wait for the sun to remove this autumn feel from things!

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    2. Eugene


      As bottesford is having a good moan i think i'll join him, the weather is such a pain this time of year, wednesday had some very heavy downpours so was glad to be wearing a coat but then the sun came out and it felt scorching and i was sweating like a pig, roll on autumn(early October onwards) when you at least know its safe to wear a coat when it rains and the sun comes out and it wont be too strong

    3. karyo


      Bottesford having a moan about the weather? lol

    4. Bottesford


      Seems highly unlikely I'd ever moan about anything! ;) But yeah - that was not a good morning for coming to work- one of the worst in fact! Roll on summer!