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  1. Spring is here! Finally a completely clear sunny start - had forgotten how easy it is to wake up to sunlight in comparison to constant grey. Pretty nippy out thought - down to 10c this morning so definitely more spring than summer.

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    2. Eugene


      Sorry but to me its just the usual variety that July can bring, nothing out of the norm really, summer is a mixture of airmasses for an island next to a huge atlantic ocean

    3. Bottesford


      But for my city centre location 10c min is very low and beyond the norm. It's joint lowest July min I've recorded in 6 years (2011 also got down to 10c). Not extreme but unusual none the less.

    4. Backtrack


      With uppers of 3C, it's not going to be a very warm day anywhere today. Can't see many areas getting past 17/18C.