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  1. One of the worst mornings yet- not only grey & drizzly but also cold. I just about opted to not bring the hoody for the ride in but felt the chill with temp barely 13c. Then on getting into work the radiators have come on! Will October ever end?!

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    2. Evening thunder

      Evening thunder

      Mean temp here so far 2.5C below average for the month, and mean max nearer 3.5C below. Certainly hasn't been warm and humid here this month. Where I've in Holland there were a couple very warm humid days (about 26-27C) and others in the 20's thankfully, but of course it meant the most major weather event of the year was perfectly timed for my absence.

    3. Scorcher


      It was definitely warm and humid here last week although we still had a lot of rain. Looks like next week will be more like last week than this one.

    4. Milhouse


      Last week was very warm for some but thats not enough to raise the mean temperature up to where it should be in July. We need a week of very warm and sunny weather to achieve an average CET come the end of the month.