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  1. Got home early today and found my house sitting at 12.2c. So in about 6 hours of gas burning it might just be warm enough!

    1. gottolovethisweather


      Best get ready for an even more expensive February then Bottes. The gas prices are out of our control, bar a mass protest and so is the weather. Mind you the days are getting longer and it was such a beautiful uplifting day today. More of the same please!

    2. Bottesford


      We've done well so far this year- the boiler has it fairly easy up to now. THink I prefer this cold stuff in Feb with more light around to see it in!

    3. Nick L

      Nick L

      Jeez, how is your house so cold? We have the heating on for about 6 hours in the evening. Yet it's plenty warm in the morning and daytime and it's an old terraced house!