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  1. Ah February my preferred winter month... The month where darkness departs my working day!

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    2. Scorcher


      Yes they are already noticeably shorter. I think we've gained about 100 minutes in terms of day length here since the solstice.

    3. Eugene


      Major cites hardly ever record below -8C anytime, even in large towns colder than -7C is unusual though the next few nights might challenge that and in rural parts which is still most of britain btw BBC mentioned -10C, im sure -15C will be reached in the valley near me as i recorded -1C there last June :O

    4. Bottesford


      I had -9c in Dec 2010. But only made it down to -1.4c so far this winter - and that was a couple of weeks ago. This cold spell hasn't got below 0c yet.