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  1. Damp problem rearing its head again as we move into winter. Mould spawning around the bedroom not good! How to deal with it...

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    2. Bottesford


      It's tricky as I don't want the window open all day (security) nor all night (skylight above bed=cold cold!). I think may need a dehumidifier plus keep bathroom door shut during showers then opening window afterwards. It's just the missus gets cold so opening windows involves disagreements! Problem of old, cold buildings...

    3. wolvesfan


      yes one of the down sides of living in an older property.you can never irradicate it entirely but it can be controled.ventillation being the key to the control.

    4. Bottesford


      Yes I think its time to heat and ventilate the bedroom. All other rooms are fine - it's just this unheated one that's the problem. First task, scrub the mould off!

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