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  1. First post in ages, nice to be back! This argument goes on every year and I guess nothing would suit everyone. I personally would prefer remaining on summer time (CEST over here) as I detest the sudden plunge into darkness (sat here working now at sunset is not nice!). But I do understand why people prefer GMT in winter, it does help in the three darkest months in making mornings be a little better although with so little light it isn't easy. Certainly staying on GMT (or CET here) would not be sensible. Sure solar noon would be at noon and perhaps we should follow the sun patterns more. But the reality is society is skewed towards PM. Little wonder given that 10-6 are considered core sleeping hours (not 8-4 say), public transport often stops around midnight and starts at 5am and office hours are often 8:30-5. All shifted later. Also almost everyone bar shift workers are awake in the early evening but only those who have to/like earlies/have kids are up at 6am so surely it makes sense to try to give more light later to save on energy costs? This effect is even more pronounced in late Feb and into March (clock should return to summer pattern a month earlier!).
  2. 2 hours of sun in 8 days.. Gladly i'm UK bound shortly so I might just see our parent star briefly! ha.

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    2. MP-R



    3. Daniel*


      Spike he now lives in Berlin

    4. Spikecollie


      The parent star is alive and well a few latitudes south, but we've had our grim days too.

  3. It has rained almost continuously for 4 solid days now. Temps been 1c to 6c. Am I on Elephant Island?!

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    2. Scorcher


      The weather on the continent, particularly Germany, can be great in the summer but it can get stuck in a horrible rut during the other seasons more than in the UK I think

    3. Costa Del Fal

      Costa Del Fal

      Yes, can get very dull at times. Berlin is a prime example.

    4. Costa Del Fal

      Costa Del Fal

      And its not immune to it in summer either such as when I went this year. It certainly isnt all rosy over there. They just get more frequent brief heatwaves generally.

  4. The whole of our building is heated from one boiler and I have taps to allow that hot water to flow or not. I turned them on for the first time since late Feb on Friday. I've not used any radiators just yet and am just relying on the warmth of the pipes that run around the apartment. It's been sunny but cold the last few days but today is barely 5c under drizzle so I expect it'll be chilly when I get home.
  5. Chose the wrong time to start cycling to work again... 4c at lunchtime. Freezing over here it is!

    1. Paul
    2. karyo


      Your hot German summer is just a memory now! lol

    3. Bottesford


      It seems like a long and distant dream... No more swimming in the lake, no more outdoor parties, no more relaxing outdoors. Grit the teeth and hope for a little snow to pass the time...

  6. The best thing about autumn - the return of tasty satsumas!

    1. Spikecollie


      And apples picked and eaten straight from the trees!

  7. These precious few weeks with it still light when finishing work...

    1. Milhouse


      Im appreciating every moment of it Botty.

    2. Spikecollie


      I'm dreading the end of it. I have a few days when I work until 2200 and I hate night time driving.

  8. They're all here! Literally swarming they have been especially during the roasting August. Sitting outside a cafe to eat was near impossible at times as they just appear in their tens or more. Now it's cooled a bit there are far less of them around. Will see if they come back now we're in for some sunny days.
  9. Yes we're into that period where daylight loss is approaching its peak. Sunset is 7:40pm here which is still within the 'acceptable' limits for me. I can finish work, check the garden & start dinner in daylight. I've prob got 2-3 weeks before that line is crossed when darkness begins to infect the 'daytime' period of life - i.e. pre 7pm. Then things get annoying for many many months. ugh.
  10. I heat when its cold- nothing to do with the date. For sure I can slip on a jumper and that I do when it drops sub 19c when I'm home alone. But the wife feels the cold so if I'm in a jumper she's in 5 layers and her hands have gone blue. Sure 16c indoors is fine if you're moving around or exercising but for sitting for hours on the computer working it has to be around 20c or the hand on the mouse goes icy cold.
  11. Had to close some windows (although not all) but deffo no heating yet. Yucky northerly wind and only 17c! Bleugh.
  12. Last day of summer and it is 36c today. Change is coming this week but what a hot month it has been in mainland Europe! 16 days over 30c this month 7 of which were over 35c.

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    2. Scorcher


      Well yes I take the point about the continent but Berlin's averages are not too different from London's in summer. If the ever present low to our NW over the past few weeks/months had been further south and west over the Atlantic the heat would have caught the UK too. Seems like bad luck in a lot of ways.

    3. AderynCoch


      It definitely is bad luck. 36C is exceptional for Berlin. Can't believe how many freakishly hot days the near continent has had while we haven't had so much as a sniff. It's been absolutely disgusting.

    4. Scorcher


      Yeah quite right, there's more to it than just continental vs island climates, it's the fact that the distances are so minute- it's not as though we are right in the middle of the Atlantic. The SE is very close to being continental

  13. I'm thinking of going to Svalbard next year (in summer) to explore the place. I experienced near 24 hour daylight in Iceland but it's not quite far enough north for the midnight sun. My dream is to visit Antarctica but it not an easy one! Been avidly reading the diaries of Shackleton & Scott recently - so interesting! I'm very drawn to the ends of the Earth for whatever reason...
  14. Still at least we get some daylight in those bleak months... Imagine Svalbard! Sunset in November and back in Feb!
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