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  1. I have been trying to see what the roads are like around Edinburgh on Traffic Scotland. All the cameras from the East of the M8, the City Bypass and the Bridges are all in Operational Use. Never seen this before.
  2. Three inbound Edinburgh flights all stacked over South Lanarkshire to the South of EK. Live Flight Tracker - Real-Time Flight Tracker Map | Flightradar24 WWW.FLIGHTRADAR24.COM View flight U26930 from Dalaman to Edinburgh on Flightradar24
  3. Been out in the garden for the last 2 hours. Still firing off here. Multiple flashes of lightning, all in the cloud. No thunder or rain. Impressive but quite eerie.
  4. Superb photos from last night @Stormeh. I think @JamesM was right and this is what I could see from Cambuslang lighting up the clouds.
  5. Not sure, it was more south than west, Unfortunately I can't get a decent view downstairs and as someones gone to bed can't look out the bedroom window upstairs. I found the little cell on the radar just west of Arran. Where did that come from ?
  6. Lightning visible in the distance to the south/west from Cambuslang. Clouds lighting up orange/white. Can't hear any thunder.? from that cell over s/w scotland.
  7. Yeah, heavy hail just after 2am. Left a light covering. Then thunder and lightning at 2.08am, now snowing in Cambuslang.
  8. Snowing here too ! Very light since around 4:40pm, much heavier the last 15 min.
  9. Hi. Heavy wet snow in Cambuslang all morning, not lying though. Forecast for same till 4 or 5pm. Radar looks good, almost 3/4 Scottish mainland has snow !
  10. GOOSE ALERT - about 30-40 Greylags flying SOUTH !! (not sure what colour I should have made this)
  11. Some friends in the Moodiesburn and Cumbernauld area saying they have 2 to 3 feet of snow. Snowed for almost 36 hours. This is only about 10 miles North and East of us here and we have about 6 to 8 inches.
  12. 4 Oclock BBC News reporting First Buses in Glasgow have suspended all services. I checked their website and they have posted this message - UPDATE - Due to the adverse weather across the Greater Glasgow area, all First Buses will stop over the next hour. This decision has been made for the safety of our staff and customers.
  13. Anything good on the telly tonight ? Only kidding. I was dreaming of the rain/snow radar last night, and ....................... The snow is blizzard like in Cambuslang. Must be about 10 cm, will need to go and measure it. I haven't seen anything likei it. Looking east on the radar, I almost don't want to mention it in case it changes. The map is all Pink(snaw) out to the North Sea. They may need to up the Warning to double Red.
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