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  1. I'm getting rumblings coming from the south with faint flashes , sign of more to come !
  2. Sorry for the ignorance but what does msc mean ? I'm not normally here during the summer months as snow is my thing but I thougt I would pop in becayse of the interesting atmospherics today.
  3. No snow for us I think , dew point 2.8 and temp 5.3 at the moment.
  4. metoffice just issued a RED ! Warning for wind of storm force 12 for parts of wales . Stay sefe people .
  5. same here, what storm ? Just a brisk wind here nothing like a gale , we have not had any rain for hours and the foot ways and road outside are dry !
  6. Wow wind has picked up here in the last hour, just recorded 29.9mph gustand consistently gusting over 20 mph ! Could get interesting over the next 24 hours .
  7. BBC weather up date saying the warm atlantic air is going to win and going for more crappy wet and windy weather !
  8. 22mm of rain so far today and yet more to come looking at the radar !
  9. Looks like the model thread are all saying that we won't be getting any cold snowy weather next week ! Just same old boring damp stuff but less windy .
  10. Wow some serious gusts and heavy rain just arrived ! 6.2mm rain all day to 7.8 in 10 mins !
  11. Looking at the radar, you guys down in the devon, cornwall are going to have an interesting few hours with what's incoming. it's been quiet here on the coast of se wales today and only 6.3 mm of rain so far with light wind.
  12. That band of precip out off lands end heading for the west country and wales looks heavy and squally ! Could be interesting later if it intensifies .
  13. Temp 8.8 humidity 80% pressure 997.5mb 23.1 mm rain in the last 24 hours here Dry with 7 mph westerly at the moment.
  14. Any storm that endangers life over any part of the world is not a pleasent thing to experience.lets just hope we all weather it safe and sound.
  15. is watching the snow out of the window

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