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  1. I'm in Newport, according to netweather radar it's supposed to be raining but there's nothing coming from the sky .it's currently 2.8 degree with a slight thaw going on .can't get out of my street as we have 3ft drifts and the main roads are still impassable apart from main bus routs lower down in the city.

  2. Hi all just popped in to see  what's happening and can't believe the excitement in here . If what's coming is anything like what I've seen in the past many of us won't be going anywhere, I drive hgv for a living and know only too well how dangerous roads can be but have to say with all the cuts that councils have made winter maintenance  vehicles have been hit hard . 

    It's OK to send a gritter out on a frosty night but dealing with deep snow on every road is a totally different ball game.I've seen motorways grind to a halt in minutes from just moderate snow never mind heavy persistent snow .

  3. 3.2 deg here in newport at my height humidity 84 % with ho wind ,it reached 7 deg earlier . As i work outside i dont consider this cold at all ,so all this nonsense about a cold spell i don't understand.

    I remamber as a kid skating on the canal with ice 4 or 5 inches thick after being frozen for days and having to dig my street out of snow to get the car out to take my gran to her hospital apt .

  4. Hi guys thought i would pop in as I'm normally lurking and reading the discussions going on here.

    In Newport currently  its 4.3 deg ,%74 humidity ,pressure 1020.2  and 0.3 precip in the last 24 hours.

    I can see a dusting of snow over twmbarlum mountain and the black mountains in the distance are white.

    Broken cloud here but radar saying it should be raining.

  5. 6.7 deg with a stiff north wind here ,no where near freezing and as i work outside it's mild !

    Although some parts of the uk have had snow here in the lower lying areas of south east wales its been nothing unusual for the time of year.

    all the exaggerated headlines from certain news papers have proved utter rubbish. As a 50 year old i can remember some nasty winters in the past with 2010 being the last and last years storms the most recent.

    i think the metoffice do a good job and should do with the millions of pounds worth of technology they have at their disposal.

    My 91 year old grandfather said people panic these days over a flake of snow or a frosty morning , when the ice on our pond is two inches thick and has been frozen for weeks thats when its cold ,when we have to dig a lane out of our street to the main road thats heavy snow . Many weather forecasters have never seen a real winter and doesn't see what all the fuss is about .

    S have never seen

  6. Hi all! Blowy night hey? I'm not sure whether I'm going crazy, but was just having a cigarette out of my window (!) and noticed two big flashes of what seemed like green sheet lightning. I'm fairly certain the conditions aren't conducive for lightning though am I right? It was on top of a hill called Pen-y-lan, west of Newport overlooking Cardiff. Wondering if you guys had any ideas? Maybe a pylon getting damaged in the wind?

    there are some heavy power cables going over pen-y-lan ,maybe one has come down causing the flash you saw .

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