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  1. Looking at sat24 it looks like most of the precip is out in the English channel with just light precip over Wales.
  2. Still nothing in Newport not even any rain very strange.
  3. Hello people no snow or even rain here in Newport even though radar is showing snow.
  4. I'm in Newport, according to netweather radar it's supposed to be raining but there's nothing coming from the sky .it's currently 2.8 degree with a slight thaw going on .can't get out of my street as we have 3ft drifts and the main roads are still impassable apart from main bus routs lower down in the city.
  5. Hi all just popped in to see what's happening and can't believe the excitement in here . If what's coming is anything like what I've seen in the past many of us won't be going anywhere, I drive hgv for a living and know only too well how dangerous roads can be but have to say with all the cuts that councils have made winter maintenance vehicles have been hit hard . It's OK to send a gritter out on a frosty night but dealing with deep snow on every road is a totally different ball game.I've seen motorways grind to a halt in minutes from just moderate snow never mind heavy persistent snow .
  6. Snowing heavily here in Newport, settling on cars,roads and footways at my elevation.
  7. Hi all logging in for tne winter as usual. Looks interesting tonight so stay safe all.
  8. Looks like something intesting approaching se wales, newport, cardiff area !
  9. Looks lively down over portsmouth southhampton area this eve. Its not stopped raining here in se wales for 12 hours !
  10. That was biblical ! 12 .5 mm of rain ans hail from that last storm lasting 10 mins , glad I live on the hill and pity the people at the bottom ! Temp down to 9.7 and 28.2 mm of rain today so far .
  11. Wow temp just dropped from 13.5 to 12.1 deg c in 5 mins after last hail storm ,16.8 mm of rain so far with thunder still going overhead !
  12. That last storm dumped 13.5 mm of rain on my weather station , presssure 991 mb temp 13.5 .
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