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    South Lanarkshire Glasgow. Lat : 55.8N Lon : 4.1W ASL : 71m
  1. Good Morning Scotland. i have awoken early to get out and get the last of the Xmas shopping in before Tuesdays storm hits i have no idea as yet as to how bad Glasgow and the central belt will be impacted? but will be keeping up on a relevant sources of information. today's weather story is going to be our southern neighbors taking a bit of a battering before all eyes turn to the north i think i am going to look out the number for my House Insurance Claim Line
  2. good afternoon Scotland its been along while since my last post on this forum. frequent hail showers here in South Lanarkshire today as for Mondays storm i think this could be a tricky one for the met-office to call likely some areas may see a upgraded weather alert this evening
  3. woohoo thunder and lightning in south lanarkshire

  4. planning on having a bbq tomorrow any ideas how the weather will be for south Lanarkshire in the afternoon any help will grateful

    1. Paul


      Local forecasts here GG :-) http://bit.ly/9bgeJG

    2. glasgow-guy


      thanks paul there is a small chance of rain Saturday for my area hopefully the forecast is wrong lol

  5. the drought in parts of the south east presents scotland and much of the north a great opportunity to make some cash selling water lol

  6. sounds like there is a war going on outside with all those fireworks going off

  7. does anyone know what the weather will be like on sunday in south lanarkshire glasgow as i plan a BBQ but each model run either says rain or no rain

  8. i got plenty of snow

  9. glasgow-guy

    glasgow snow feb-09

    pictures of snow from south Lanarkshire Glasgow feb-09
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